'This starts to get a little bit chaotic': Inside Hailey and Justin Bieber's kitchen, model gives mini tour while fans gush about their taste

While her fashion sense and style aesthetic have been winning hearts every day, has impressed fans yet again, and this time it's related to home decor and taste. The model recently posted a video giving a tour of her and husband 's kitchen calling it one of her favorite rooms in their house. Here's a look into their kitchen, what Hailey shared about their preferences and customizations, and how fans are reacting to it.

Inside Hailey and Justin Bieber's kitchen

Hailey took to her YouTube channel to share a tour of her kitchen after receiving several requests about the same. "hi everyone! i've seen some comments asking for a kitchen tour, and i'm excited to finally share that with you all! watch this video to see a peek at one of my favorite rooms in the house!" she wrote in the description. She started off the interesting three-minute forty-five-second-long video with a coffee and a camera in her hands.

After showcasing some of her seasonings and spices neatly kept on the shelf, she later showed an array of oil and vinegar bottles on the countertop and said, "This starts to get a little bit chaotic." The kitchen's marble countertops and dark cabinets were on display as she gave a glimpse of the stove, oven, pots, pans, and shelves. She pointed out her orange butter dish, two of her air fryers, a crock pot, her coffee station, and a cabinet of mugs.

Shifting the focus to the center island, she showed her chopping board, her magnetized knife holder, and her marble sink. Hailey mentioned how two paintings kept in the kitchen were customized by Justin as he added the words Got Milk and The Kitchen to them. "They were plain—they didn't have writing on them—and then my husband decided to put his own spin on them which I thought was fun. And they have lived there ever since," she explained.

The 26-year-old mentioned how she was heavily involved in the design of the kitchen because it's a space one spends a lot of time in. Hailey also gave a glimpse of the kitchen windows that gave a peek into the herb garden they have in their home. She opened up her fridge for a moment which was stocked with food and drinks. The Rhode founder then showed the freezer which had tubs of ice cream in different flavors as well as frozen food.

Netizens react to Hailey Bieber's kitchen tour

One user wrote, "I loved that it's not all 100% organized, it looks like any kitchen you have, not one of those houses where the owner seems to have OCD, what good taste." Another said, "Hubby's design contributions were super cute! A dream kitchen and I want videos of all the food she's cooking this month!" A third felt, "If I had your kitchen I would never leave it. I'm obsessed with the coffee station."