Jennifer Love Hewitt Recounts Wild Night of Booze in the Company of Betty White

Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt recently opened up about a hilarious and unexpected encounter she had with comedy legend Betty White. In an interview with Kelly Clarkson on "The Kelly Clarkson Show," Hewitt revealed that one of the "drunkest times" in her life was spent with the beloved actress.

Hewitt began by sharing that she had been invited to a charity event hosted by a mutual friend. Feeling excited and nervous, she decided to calm her nerves with a few drinks. Little did she know that she would end up drinking with Betty White herself.

As the evening progressed, Hewitt noticed that White was the only other person at the event who seemed to be having as much fun as she was. The two struck up a conversation, and soon enough, they were sharing drinks and swapping stories.

The "Heartbreakers" star humorously recalled how the famous actress kept urging her to drink more, saying, "She was like 'Tequila is like a day at the beach, you just drink until you can't remember anything!'"

Hewitt went on to reveal that she ended up having a fantastic time alongside White and even ended up with a mild hangover the next day. She added that Betty White was not only hilarious but also incredibly kind and made the evening one of the most memorable of her life.

Kelly Clarkson, amused by the story, asked Hewitt if she has ever shared this story with the public before. Hewitt confessed that she had kept it to herself until now, as she never wanted to be the one to "out" Betty White for her partying ways.

The actress expressed her admiration for the 99-year-old icon, explaining that she wanted to respect her privacy. However, since White is not shy about her love for vodka and her joy for life, Hewitt felt it was finally the right time to delight fans with this amusing anecdote.

Hewitt's story showcases the unexpected bond and enjoyable time she shared with Betty White during a night of lighthearted revelry. Fans of both actresses will surely appreciate the heartwarming and hilarious nature of their encounter.

As Hewitt’s tale of her drunken evening with Betty White surfaces, it is evident that even Hollywood stars have their unforgettable, joy-filled escapades. This delightful anecdote serves as a reminder that iconic figures like Betty White can bring laughter and fun to unexpected situations, leaving a lasting impact on those fortunate enough to join them for a memorable night.