The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers Update Friday, March 1: Steffy Looks Guilty, Ridge Contacts Baker, Hope Comforts Finn


The latest update on The Bold And The Beautiful for Friday, March 1 reveals that Steffy Forrester is feeling guilty not only towards Finn but also towards the police. Ridge Forrester reaches out to Detective Baker for help, while Finn seeks comfort from Hope Logan.

Steffy finds herself in trouble after the death of Sheila Carter. Her story doesn't seem to convince the police, as no weapon has been found at the scene. Steffy claims she acted in self-defense as Sheila allegedly lunged at her. However, without any evidence of a weapon, it's hard to prove her innocence.

Ridge seeks assistance from Chief Deputy Baker as doubts start to arise about Steffy's version of events.


Deacon might bring up the earlier fight orchestrated by Steffy at Sheila's apartment, complicating matters even further for Steffy. The police are not satisfied with the information given by Steffy, leaving everyone wondering if Sheila's death was a setup.

While Ridge and Thomas stand by Steffy's side, Finn visits Sheila's apartment seeking closure. Hope offers comfort to Deacon, who is grieving the loss of Sheila. As Finn grapples with his mother's death, Hope's support brings them closer together. Will their bond lead to a love triangle between Steffy, Finn, and Hope?

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