Nicole Kidman's Ex-Boyfriend Marcus Graham Recalls Feeling 'Devastated' & 'Heartbroken' When The Actress Left Him For Tom Cruise: "That's The Way It Goes, Isn't It?"


Actor Marcus Graham, known for his role on 'E Street,' recently opened up about his past relationship with Nicole Kidman. The two dated when they were in their early 20s, but their romance came to an end when Kidman left him for Tom Cruise in 1989. Graham admitted that he was devastated and heartbroken at the time but holds no ill feelings towards Kidman.

Graham acknowledged that both he and Kidman were young and ambitious. He understood why Kidman made the decision to pursue a relationship with Cruise, a big Hollywood movie star. Despite his own hurt and confusion, he recognized the allure of such an opportunity for her.


Graham emphasized that he didn't want to keep Kidman in Australia and understood her desire to explore new horizons.

Reflecting on the breakup, Graham admitted to crying for a long time and feeling hurt and confused. However, he also recognized that he had much to learn about the world. Since then, he has dated several women, including Melissa Tkautz, Rebecca Gibney, and Mia Freedman. While he is currently single, he remains hopeful about finding love and becoming a father someday.

Graham shared his experience of almost starting a family with someone but experiencing a miscarriage. This heartbreaking event made him realize the importance of taking care of himself and being cautious about getting emotionally invested too quickly.


At present, Graham feels comfortable being single and has reached a point where he believes he might be better off on his own. However, he hasn't given up hope of finding a meaningful relationship. He describes himself as a hopeless romantic and acknowledges that he has grown as a person over the years, which gives him hope for future relationships.

Nicole Kidman went on to marry Tom Cruise in December 1990 and they adopted two children together. However, the couple divorced in 2001. Kidman later married Keith Urban in 2006, and they have two daughters.

In summary, Marcus Graham, Nicole Kidman's former boyfriend, expressed his initial heartbreak when Kidman left him for Tom Cruise but holds no resentment towards her. He acknowledges the circumstances at the time and has since focused on personal growth and remaining hopeful about love and relationships in the future.