B&B Spoilers: Eric’s Health Woes Devastates His Grandchildren


More of Eric Forrester’s family learns what he’s facing.

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spoilers for Tuesday, November 14, 2023, show Steffy and Thomas learning the harsh truth about their granddad. Grab your tissues for this emotional episode.



Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Highlights

is in a steady decline and things are getting worse by the day. He’s determined to keep this all a secret from his family, but little does he know, the secret is out. And, news is going to spread faster than he ever imagined. 

The End Is Near

This time, it’s Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) who are brought into the inner circle. This is a sad day for the sibling pair. This is not something they expected to face, at least not yet. Eric has always been a force and full of life. To hear his health is failing is upsetting, to say the least.



What’s worse is they can’t bring him comfort in his time of need. They have to worry from afar and not let him know they know. This is all hard enough but having to act like nothing is happening is heartbreaking. 


Step Up, Mom

Meanwhile, Luna (Lisa Yamada) gives her mom a huge pep talk. It’s high time Poppy (Romy Parks) stands up for herself when it comes to Li (Naomi Matsuda). Yes, Poppy did something awful in the past but that was then and this is now. If Li wants to hold a grudge, fine, but Poppy shouldn’t let her own life suffer because Li is unforgiving. 

Will this be enough to push Poppy to take back her power? Being the family outcast is never easy and she’s had enough.


Not only that, but Poppy doesn’t just need to stand up for herself, she needs to stand up for her daughter too. If not, Luna may never realize her dreams with Li around slinging this much attitude. 

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