NAMOR's Justification Unveiled: An Enlistment with NEW ASGARD Signals a Defection from the Avengers!

Title: NAMOR's Justification for Joining NEW ASGARD Against the Avengers

In a surprising turn of events, Namor, the Sub-Mariner, has found solid ground for his decision to oppose the Avengers and join forces with New Asgard. Despite their history of conflicts, Namor argues that his actions are justified due to the Avengers' detrimental impact on the environment and their biased treatment against underwater civilizations. This controversial stance is based on the belief that Namor's allegiance lies with the greater good, as he seeks to protect his homeland and promote a balanced approach towards global affairs.

Namor firmly believes that the Avengers have consistently overlooked the environmental consequences of their heroics. From large-scale battles to their negligent use of resources, the Avengers have shown little regard for the world's ecosystems. Namor asserts that their actions have directly affected underwater habitats and, consequently, the lives of countless creatures residing there. By aligning with New Asgard, which prioritizes environmental preservation, Namor aims to hold the Avengers accountable for their destructive actions and promote a more sustainable approach to superheroism.

Furthermore, Namor criticizes the Avengers for their biased treatment of underwater civilizations. Despite their proclaimed mission to defend all of humanity, the Avengers have been known to prioritize their efforts on land-based conflicts and disregard the struggles faced by underwater communities. Namor argues that this selective attention has perpetuated an unfair power dynamic, leaving underwater civilizations vulnerable and marginalized. By joining New Asgard, Namor hopes to unite with like-minded individuals who acknowledge the importance of equitable treatment for all civilizations, regardless of their geographic location.

Namor's decision to side with New Asgard against the Avengers is not without controversy. Many see this move as a betrayal, given his longstanding history with the Avengers and his previous alliances with them. However, Namor argues that his choice is driven by his commitment to a cause greater than personal loyalties. He believes that the Avengers' actions have endangered the delicate balance of Earth's ecosystems and the underwater realms he holds dear. He seeks to rectify these issues by actively challenging the Avengers' approach and advocating for a more inclusive and environmentally conscious superhero community.

As the debate between Namor, New Asgard, and the Avengers intensifies, the ultimate resolution remains uncertain. Namor's decision to join forces with New Asgard against the Avengers stems from his sincere belief in righting the wrongs committed against the environment and underwater civilizations. By voicing his concerns and aligning himself with a faction that prioritizes these issues, Namor hopes to spark a meaningful dialogue within the superhero community and pave the way for a more balanced and harmonious future.