“Really, really drunk” Johnny Depp Did the Unthinkable With Iggy Pop That Made Music Icon Curse at Him: “You little turd”

Anyone who knows anything about Johnny Depp knows that not only is thealum a great actor, but he is also a gifted musician. At 17, Depp was part of a band, The Kids, which covered popular songs and warmed up crowds for bigger bands.

It was during his time with The Kids that Johnny Depp had the opportunity to meet one of his idols: Iggy Pop. Depp was excited to be in such a close vicinity of Pop but knew that if he didn’t get the chance to meet him while they were performing, he would not get a chance to meet her at all. This resulted in Depp pulling the most impromptu plan out of his mind, which led to him getting cussed out by Iggy Pop.

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Johnny Depp cussed out Iggy Pop

At 18, Depp and his band were warming up the crowd for none other than Iggy Pop. After the performance, the actor “got really, really drunk”. It was at this time that the Sweeney Todd alum saw Iggy Pop, walking in the club. The actor said:

“And I saw Iggy in skimpy little pants wander around the club with a dog. And for some reason, I started screaming and yelling at him “F**ck you!”. I don’t know why, because I always idolized him.”

This causes Pop to march up to Depp, and look him up and down, before muttering “You little turd” and walking away. It was not a case of ‘never meet your heroes’ because Depp and Pop did go on to have a friendship, even working together several years later.

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Iggy Pop was in no better shape

Pop and Depp reunited years later, on the set of John Waters’s . The film was a fun romantic comedy, starring Depp as a ‘drape’, a name given to delinquent youths in the town, another group of kids were called squares. Depp’s character falls in love with a square, taking the story forward. Pop was also part of the cast in the film, playing the role of Belvedere Rickettes.

Reminiscing on the ‘F**ck you’ incident, Pop revealed to Depp that he was probably just as drunk as Johnny. The Stooges frontman said:

“I was probably in the same condition as you, maybe even worse”

Of course, the actor and singer would collaborate onscreen again, appearing in the acid western film  (1995) directed by Jim Jarmusch.

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