Pedro Pascal Went 'Into The Deepest Sleep' While Filming His Brutal Death Scene In Game Of Thrones!


— now — is currently known for his shows, HBO's and Disney's . But many fans still associate him with his role as bisexual prince, Oberyn Martell in .

In 2022, Pascal gushed about playing that part, : "It was a dream, you know. It was this great role, at the height of the show's popularity, a perfectly written season, a perfectly written role — go in, shoot for 10 weeks, leave."

He even quipped: "Nobody got a chance to be sick of me. I had comfortable costumes, which is a miracle. I didn’t have a heavy wig. I might have been the luckiest human to have passed through that show."

But recently, confessed that he snoozed on his brutal death scene which left everyone traumatized, including his co-stars.


Interestingly, he was also pretty out of it when he found out he was cast in ​​​​​​.

Pedro Pascal On Being "Internet's Daddy"

In a recent interview with , Pascal reacted to the "daddy" labels, saying there are different definitions for it. "Everyone says 'zaddy,' and I still don't know what it means," he confessed.

"I get very different definitions of zaddy. I know that people get triggered by all the daddy stuff, which is also understandable. And enough already," he continued before owning the title: "Nah [laughing], I'm your daddy."


During a red carpet interview while promoting , Pascal also told of being "the new boyfriend of the internet": "What's wrong with people who like an old man like me? I don't understand. What has happened culturally? Focus on Harry Styles."

When Graham Norton asked him what an "internet daddy" is, he tried to explain it by saying: "Me! Uh, internet daddy. I'm still trying to figure it out. I feel like it changes, there's daddy, there's zaddy. Zaddy, with a Z. I'll take it all."

Why Pedro Pascal Slept During His Game Of Thrones Death Scene

During his appearance on Sean Evans'


in March 2023, Pascal revealed that he was "dead asleep" when Júlíus Björnsson's character, Ser Gregor Clegane brutally killed his character, Oberyn. Meanwhile, the rest of the cast was traumatized by it, as much as many fans to this day.

"There were all of these fleshy bits that they were kind of placing all over my face," he recalled of shooting that scene, "and pumping blood so that it would pool, you know, and spread through the amphitheater for this good wide shot of the two of us from above.


And I was dead asleep."

He was also relieved when his part was killed off from the show. "It was so hot when we were shooting that scene," he recounted. "He's over me and he puts his thumbs into my eyes and they've got tubing through his body into his forearms to his thumbs just pumping this cool blood. It was very cathartic, and I went into the deepest sleep I've been in."

He even joked that he'd then found the cure to his sleep problems. "I realize now, because I'm not a very good sleeper, I need to be laid out with pieces of flesh, gelatinous, cool-to-the-touch face meat and pooling blood, and maybe I’ll finally get a good .


. . night’s sleep," he shared.

Pedro Pascal Forgot He Was Cast In Last Of Us

Still related to his sleep issues, Pascal had taken "an Ambien to go to sleep just in case," after chatting with co-creator and video game mastermind Neil Druckmann, along with other creators in London at that time.

Tired from all his engagements, he decided to take a full rest for the following day. "They've got my adrenaline going and my hopes up... but I get a call and I get told that I got the job after I took the Ambien," he said of that night.


"And so I was excited, I guess, but I didn't remember," he continued. "I woke up in the morning and the first thing that occurred to me was, 'Aww man, I really want that job... I'm gonna wait by the phone all day long. This hasn't happened in a while. I'm gonna think about it all day.'"

Luckily, he didn't have to go through a whole day in an Ambien haze following the big news. He just ended up receiving congratulatory texts about the job, to which he then responded: "I was like, 'Oh yeah! I got the job!'"

Pascal's co-star Bella Ramsey, who plays the queer character Ellie, notably starred in as well — as Lady of Bear Island, Lyanna Mormont. Like Oberyn, she also died from a graphic murder.

They then quickly developed a friendship working together in the new series. "It was immediately this bond, unspoken connection. We're both embarking on this huge journey together."