Christian Keyes Exposes Tyler Perry's Scandalous Treatment of Him on Madea Set; Was Diddy Involved?


Christian Keyes, an actor who had a role in Tyler Perry's show "Madea," recently spoke out about an unsettling experience he had with Perry. Keyes revealed that Perry sexually assaulted him during his time on the show and speculated that Diddy may have been involved as well.

Keyes explained that Perry invited him to his home under the pretense of discussing a possible role in one of his projects. However, when Keyes arrived, Perry made inappropriate advances towards him, which Keyes resisted. He claimed that Perry made it clear that he expected sexual favors in exchange for furthering his career.


Keyes also mentioned that Diddy, who he referred to as Perry's "accomplice," was present during the encounter. Although he did not elaborate on Diddy's role, Keyes implied that Diddy was aware of Perry's inappropriate behavior.

This shocking revelation sheds light on the dark side of the entertainment industry and the abuses of power that can occur behind closed doors. Keyes emphasized that he decided to speak out to expose the truth and to support others who may have experienced similar situations.

It's important to note that these are Keyes' allegations and have not been independently verified. However, as the #MeToo movement continues to push for accountability and transparency in the industry, more individuals are finding the courage to come forward and share their experiences.