Surprises Fans: Jessica Simpson Leaves Everyone Astounded with Her Kids' Reaction To 'Newlyweds'!


In a recent interview, Jessica Simpson opened up about how her children reacted to watching her on the reality TV show "Newlyweds." The show aired from 2003 to 2005 and followed Simpson and her then-husband, Nick Lachey, as they navigated their early married life. Simpson revealed that her children found it "weird" to see their mom on TV when they watched the show. She explained that they couldn't comprehend that she was once a young and glamorous celebrity like the ones they see on TV today.

Simpson shared that her daughter, Maxwell, who is nine years old, recently watched an episode of "Newlyweds" and asked her, "Why were you so dumb?" Simpson laughed it off and explained to Maxwell that it was just a portrayal of her younger self. She stressed the importance of being able to laugh at yourself and not taking things too seriously.


The singer-turned-fashion-mogul also revealed that her children were surprised to learn that she used to be on MTV. They were amazed and did not realize that their mom had a whole other life before them.

Simpson expressed her gratitude for her children keeping her grounded and showing her what true love means. For her, their honest reactions are a reminder of the journey she has been on and how much she has grown since her "Newlyweds" days.

In conclusion, Jessica Simpson shared how her children found it strange to watch her on "Newlyweds" as they couldn't grasp the fact that their mom was once a young and glamorous celebrity. She emphasized the importance of not taking oneself too seriously and explained that her kids' honest reactions serve as a reminder of her personal growth.