So Happy! Jessica Simpson Shows Off New Look Inspired By Son Ace!


In a recent Instagram post, Jessica Simpson revealed her new look, which she credited her son, Ace, for inspiring. The photo showed Simpson sporting a fresh and edgy blonde bob, a significant departure from her usual longer locks.

Simpson explained that she decided to chop off her hair after her son playfully encouraged her to do so. She shared how Ace had been lovingly stroking his own hair and had commented that they have the same hair. This prompted Simpson to make the spontaneous decision to embrace a shorter hairstyle.


The celebrity stylist responsible for Simpson's transformation, Riawna Capri, also shared some insights into the new look. Capri explained that she had focused on giving Simpson a "chic and modern" haircut that highlighted her natural beauty. She mentioned that the shorter cut not only refreshed Simpson's look but also made her feel empowered and fierce.

Simpson's Instagram post was met with overwhelming praise and admiration from her followers. Many people commented on how incredible she looked with the new hairstyle, and complimented her for stepping out of her comfort zone.

Overall, Jessica Simpson's new look, inspired by her son Ace, showcases her willingness to take risks and embrace change. The impulsive decision to chop off her hair has resulted in a fresh and edgy style that perfectly complements the star's natural beauty.