Uncovering THE BOYS: Decoding Episode 5 - Easter Eggs Galore and an Explosive Finale


In episode 5 of “The Boys” season 2, titled "We Gotta Go Now," several Easter eggs and references were scattered throughout the storyline. This article provides a breakdown of those Easter eggs and explains the ending of the episode.

The episode begins with Stormfront and Homelander aggressively taking down a supervillain called "Terror." This scene is a nod to the comics, where Terror is actually The Boys' pet bulldog. However, the show replaces the dog with a human villain named Terror instead, perhaps to avoid the logistical challenges of working with a live animal.

Another Easter egg can be spotted during the hearing scene, where Hank from Vought International is testifying.


A coffee cup on the table reads “Legal Department: Optica” – a nod to the DC Comics character, Optica, who has the power of X-ray vision.

As the storyline progresses, one of the main characters, Kimiko, experiences a traumatic event that leaves her enraged. She bursts into a room to find that her brother, Kenji, has been captured by Stormfront. This scene is reminiscent of the comics, where Kimiko's brother is actually her sworn enemy. The show takes a different approach by introducing the siblings as allies, only for Kenji to betray Kimiko later on.

The episode also explores the deeper relationships between the characters.


Butcher, suffering from the loss of his wife, ends up bonding with Becca, the mother of Homelander's son. This dynamic between them adds emotional depth to the storyline and sets up a potential love triangle for future episodes.

Towards the end of the episode, Butcher devises a plan to save Kenji and expose Vought's experiments on the supes. In a daring move, he injects Kenji with Compound V, which gives him superpowers temporarily. This development is a significant departure from the comics, where Compound V is usually administered through injections rather than being consumed orally.

The episode concludes with a shocking twist.


As Butcher, Kenji, and the rest of the team make their escape, they are met with a horrifying revelation. Instead of finding a facility filled with test subjects as expected, they stumble upon a psychiatric facility where people with Compound V-related conditions are being mistreated and abused. This is a major deviation from the comics, where the reveal of Compound V experiments is an essential plot point. This divergence in the show adds a new layer of complexity to the story and sets up further questions for future episodes.

In conclusion, episode 5 of "The Boys" season 2 is filled with Easter eggs and surprises. From the references to the comics to the unexpected twist at the end, this episode sets up new storylines and adds depth to the characters' relationships. Fans of the show will undoubtedly be eagerly awaiting the next episode to see how these developments unfold.