The MARVELS' Revelation: Uniting the X-MEN '97 Universe and Forging the Path to SECRET WARS!

The article titled "How The MARVELS Sets Up SECRET WARS with the X-MEN '97 Universe!" discusses the connection between the upcoming series "The MARVELS" and the X-Men '97 animated series and how they may be setting up the possibility of a "Secret Wars" storyline. The main idea of the article is to explore how these two Marvel projects could potentially lead to a crossover event in the future.

"The MARVELS" is a highly anticipated live-action series set to be released on Disney+. The show will incorporate different characters and storylines from the Marvel universe. The article suggests that this series could serve as a way to introduce and connect various Marvel properties, including the X-Men '97 animated series.

The X-Men '97 animated series, set to debut on Disney+, is a continuation of the beloved 1990s animated show. It will bring back the original voice cast and continue the storyline from where it left off. The series is expected to tap into the nostalgia of fans while also introducing new storylines and characters.

The article posits that the crossover potential lies in the fact that both "The MARVELS" and X-Men '97 are being developed simultaneously for Disney+. This opens the possibility of a crossover event between the live-action and animated universes. The article suggests that such a crossover could involve the iconic "Secret Wars" storyline.

"Secret Wars" is a major Marvel Comics event that brings together various characters and teams from across the Marvel universe. It involves a battle between heroes and villains on a mysterious planet called Battleworld. The significance of this potential crossover lies in the fact that the X-Men play a crucial role in the "Secret Wars" storyline, having a major impact on the events that transpire.

By linking "The MARVELS" and X-Men '97, the article suggests that Marvel Studios and Disney+ may be setting the stage for a future crossover event involving "Secret Wars." This would provide an opportunity for both the live-action and animated universes to blend together, offering fans a unique and exciting experience.

In summary, the article discusses the connection between "The MARVELS" and X-Men '97 animated series on Disney+. It suggests that these two projects may be setting up the possibility of a crossover event involving the iconic "Secret Wars" storyline. This would allow for a blending of the live-action and animated universes, delivering a thrilling experience for Marvel fans.