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Title: Star Wars REWRITE - The Sequel Trilogy That Should Have Been!

Article Summary:

This article proposes a rewritten version of the Star Wars sequel trilogy, arguing that it should have unfolded differently than what was ultimately presented to the audience. The author maintains that their proposed version would have better fulfilled the expectations of fans and honored the legacy of the original trilogy.

In the article, the writer highlights several key aspects that they believe need to be addressed in the proposed rewrite. First and foremost, the characters need to be more consistent and retain their identities throughout the trilogy. The iconic characters such as Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, and Han Solo all deserved better arcs in the new films, according to the author.

Additionally, the proposed rewrite aims to develop the narrative more cohesively, ensuring that the story flows seamlessly from one film to the next. The writer emphasizes the importance of having a clear vision and direction for the entire trilogy, rather than having individual directors and writers with different interpretations leading to disjointed storytelling.

Furthermore, the author suggests that the rewriting should have allowed for more exploration and explanation of the wider Star Wars universe. This would have included delving deeper into the Jedi and Sith mythology, as well as expanding on the Force and its significance. By doing so, the proposed rewrite would have given fans a more comprehensive understanding of the Star Wars universe.

In terms of the overall plot, the article's author insists that a new villain should have been introduced, one deeply connected to the original trilogy, rather than resurrecting Emperor Palpatine. Such a decision would have provided an opportunity to explore the consequences of the characters' actions from the previous films and created a more nuanced conflict.

Finally, the article concludes by highlighting the importance of fan service done right. While acknowledging that fan expectations can be challenging to meet, the writer suggests that a well-executed balance between nostalgia and innovation could have better captured the spirit of the original trilogy and pleased both long-time fans and newcomers alike.

In essence, this article provides a vision for a rewritten Star Wars sequel trilogy, outlining the elements that should have been addressed to create a more satisfying and cohesive story. It argues that by retaining consistent character arcs, having a clear narrative direction, exploring the wider Star Wars universe, introducing a new villain, and incorporating well-executed fan service, the proposed rewrite would have elevated the trilogy to a greater level of quality and resonance.