December, Whispers of Solitude

Ed Bruce's song "July, You're a Woman" celebrates the beauty and allure of the summer season. The lyrics depict July as a desirable woman with captivating qualities that make her irresistible.

The song portrays July as a seductive and enchanting figure. The first line sets the tone by describing her as a woman "with golden hair and lips like cherries." This imagery suggests that July is not merely a month on the calendar but a personification of the summer season with all its joys and pleasures.

The lyrics further emphasize July's charm by portraying her as a temptress who can captivate anyone who encounters her. The song describes her as having a "melting smile" and a voice that "whispers love and lures you close." These alluring qualities symbolize the irresistible allure of summertime and the desire it evokes in people.

Additionally, the lyrics highlight the transformative power of July. The song suggests that July can turn a man's heart from "April's brown" to a vibrant and passionate red. This metaphor implies that the arrival of July brings a burst of color and life, revitalizing the world and stirring emotions.

Furthermore, the song conveys the idea that July is a time for new beginnings and adventure. The lyrics state that July "takes you by the hand and leads you through the streets of time." This imagery suggests that July is a guide leading people on a journey through the summer, encouraging them to embrace the excitement and opportunities that the season presents.

Overall, "July, You're a Woman" paints a vivid picture of July as an alluring and captivating figure. Through its metaphoric lyrics, the song encapsulates the essence of the summer season, portraying it as a time of beauty, passion, and new experiences. The song celebrates the transformative power of July, offering an enchanting and romanticized view of the summer months as they unfold.