A Critic’s Review of Bold and the Beautiful: Paternity and Proposals


What I'm Feeling This Week: Surprise (Who's Luna's Dad)

This whole Luna (Lisa Yamada) is Bill's (Don Diamont) daughter thing seemed like a done deal. So glad it isn't. At some point, I started to think about Jack (Ted King) being a possibility. I never, ever, EVER, in the life of me thought that Finn's (Tanner Novlan) name would be thrown into the ring as well.

Bringing up that Poppy (Romy Park) lived with Li (Naomi Matsuda), Jack (Ted King), and Finn for a bit was normal. I didn't think anything of it. But then the good doctor said that she lived with them a year before Luna was born which was right around when he started college.


WHAT? I had to hit pause and rewind and watch it all over again just to make sure my ears heard correctly. That math was not mathing for me at all. But the looks Poppy gave Finn, I don't know. There was something there.

So Finn could potentially be Luna's father. Is that right? My money's on Jack because I need Ted King to come back and to be utilized in a much better way than previously. Although, if he is Luna's father, that means he cheated on Li more than once and Jack would then secure squatter's rights in the doghouse forever more.

Whether it's Finn or Jack who is Luna's father, it would completely justify the way Li's been acting towards Poppy…for the most part.


Right now my sympathies lie with Poppy, but that's only because I don't have the entire picture. I hope we will get it someday soon.

Other B&B Thoughts What I'm Feeling: Ridge's (Thorsten Kaye) Reaction to Learning about the Proposal. First of all, I thoroughly accept the fact that, for me, Hope (Annika Noelle) and Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) are a guilty pleasure pairing. But other than Thomas's constant "I love you Hope" mantras that border on him going into too much of a hard-sell territory, I do enjoy them. There I said it. Also, since Ridge has been understandably doom and gloom for the past few months thanks to his father's health, it was fun to see Ridge jump around and say he was proud of his boy and basically give Hope his blessing.


What I'm not feeling: Brooke's (Katherine Kelly Lang) Reaction to Learning about the Proposal — when it comes to Thomas. Brooke has every right to be protective of her daughter. Go right ahead. What I wasn't all about was when she talked to Thomas and Ridge and made it seem like she was worried about Thomas because she felt 100% certain Hope would break his heart. She loves Hope with every fiber of her being, obviously. But Thomas? She could not care less about him…for reasons. Also, bringing up being happy with Liam (Scott Clifton) is not a way to make your point, Brooke.

Zende 101 Class: Zende (Delon de Metz) crashing RJ (Joshua Hoffman) and Luna's time at the beach house was a bit cringe for me.


But the best part of his entire rant to RJ was when he truly tried to make RJ realize where he was coming from. Simply calling him "golden child" isn't going to cut it. But what he said about coming from Africa and not having Kristen (Tracy Melchior) there like RJ has Ridge there? That rang true to me. Zende feels like someone who's isolated, and I hope someday the show corrects that. He doesn't even have Paris (Diamond White) to talk to anymore. Give him a friend or a cohort in crime, please.

The Yes/No Game:-Yes to Steffy's (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) hilarious reaction to Thomas and Hope's proposal.


I don't necessarily agree with her, but she was funny.-No to RJ's shirt that we've been seeing for what feels like forever, but is probably only a week.-No to Thomas saying he'll give Hope space to decide yet he keeps asking her to take that ring off her necklace and put it on her finger over and over again.-Yes, to Hope continuing to say maybe. I'm here for her not saying yes to the dress until she's ready.

Burning Question: Just who is paying the rent for Bill's Malibu beach house? Are Ridge and Brooke footing the bill? Are they paying RJ enough at Forrester for him to cover what has to be a mammoth-sized rent? Does he have some sort of trust fund that he's using? Please give us more details, Show.


Inquiring minds want to know.

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