Zoe Perry Wants To Learn More About Mary's Past On Young Sheldon


Who's better to get advice from than the original Mary Cooper herself?

The Big Bang Theory 's prequel, Young Sheldon, raised the eyebrows of many fans when it was announced. The core audience of the original show, who fell in love with the story of 5 dorky young adults and their friendship, wasn't immediately sold on the idea of exploring the family background of one of the characters.

However, those who took a chance and gave Young Sheldon a chance were pleasantly surprised by the dynamic and the perfect balance of comedy and drama. Over the years, the show revealed many more surprises beyond the writing and changes to the original storylines.


One of the bigger ones has been the actors who portray the Cooper family on the show. While Lance Barber, who portrays Sheldon's father, George, had previously appeared on The Big Bang Theory, Zoe Perry, who portrays Mary Cooper, had her own close ties to the sitcom.

It turns out that actress Laurie Metcalf, who portrayed Mary Cooper in the original series, is actually her mother. And, as one can imagine, she was the most helpful person there could be as Perry went through the audition process.

The actress shared some of the advice she received from her mom while interviewing the cast of Young Sheldon season 1 with HeyUGuys:


"She gave me a wonderful tip before I went into the audition. She said: "You know, trust that the humor will be on the page. Those writers are genius, and it's basically full proof". She was like, "All you have to do is really just try to ground the rest in reality," Zoe Perry said.

Whether the advice was worth listening to is something you can decide for yourself after watching Young Sheldon. However, by heeding the words of wisdom not only from her mother but from the former Mary Cooper herself, Zoe Perry was able to successfully audition and secure 7 years of character development.