The Startling Truth Unveiled: Loki's Pruner in Season 2 Episode 1 Unmasked - Future MCU Clues!


The ending of Loki Season 1 left fans with numerous questions, and now the first episode of Season 2 has provided some much-needed answers. The episode reveals who is behind the shocking act of pruning Loki. Although the title suggests that the Future MCU is revealed, it should be noted that only this particular aspect is addressed.

In the Season 2 premiere, viewers witness the aftermath of Loki being pruned by an unknown figure. Loki finds himself in a desolate and barren landscape filled with other pruned variants of himself. As he tries to make sense of his surroundings, he encounters four other Loki variants who have been pruned as well – Classic Loki, Kid Loki, Boastful Loki, and Alligator Loki.


Together, they form an unlikely alliance to learn more about their predicament.

During their interactions, an intriguing detail emerges – Alligator Loki possesses a unique piece of evidence. He has in his possession the device used to control the TVA's TemPads, which allows for time travel. This revelation suggests that there might be a way to escape their current predicament and potentially uncover the truth about who is behind the pruning.

As the group continues to explore their surroundings, they come across a secret lair hidden beneath a demolished Avengers Tower. Inside, they find a mysterious figure referred to as "He Who Remains.


" It becomes clear that this being is the one responsible for the pruning and is the leader of the TVA, an organization that supposedly exists to maintain the sacred timeline.

As "He Who Remains" explains, he created the TVA to combat the existence of numerous multiverses that threatened to cause chaos and destruction. With the creation of the Time Keepers, he was able to impose order by pruning any alternate timelines and variants that appeared. However, his explanation suggests that there is more to this story.

"He Who Remains" reveals that his ultimate goal is to prevent the return of his variants, other versions of himself from alternate timelines who sought to establish their own rule.


By pruning any variances, he maintained control and protected the sacred timeline.

The introduction of "He Who Remains" presents a crucial revelation for the future of the MCU. It opens up the possibility of exploring the multiverse concept in greater depth. The existence of multiple timelines and variants could potentially bring in a multitude of characters, storylines, and narratives that will intertwine and expand the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The identity and motivations of "He Who Remains" provide a foundation for Loki and the other Loki variants to navigate their way through this newfound multiverse.


With this new understanding, it is clear that Season 2 of Loki will delve deeper into the complexities and consequences of tampering with time and the multiverse.

In conclusion, the Season 2 premiere of Loki offers an explanation as to who is behind Loki's pruning. The mysterious figure introduced as "He Who Remains" is revealed to be responsible for pruning variants and maintaining the sacred timeline. This revelation sets the stage for the exploration of the multiverse concept in future MCU projects, opening up a world of possibilities for new characters and storylines.