The Untold Story: Kevin Hunter's Heartbreak as Sharina Hudson Walks Away, Leaving Him Penniless


In an interview, Kevin Hunter spoke about his ex-lover Sharina Hudson leaving him and how it left him financially drained. The former husband of talk show host Wendy Williams revealed that after Hudson broke up with him, he was left without money and in a dire financial situation. He stated that he did not anticipate the breakup would result in such a significant loss. According to Hunter, he had previously supported Hudson financially throughout their relationship, and her decision to leave him abruptly without any notice took him by surprise.

Hunter admitted that he had made several mistakes in his personal life, including his affair with Hudson and the subsequent strain it put on his marriage to Williams.


He confessed that he had been selfish and negligent, causing pain to those around him. However, he emphasized that while he may have made mistakes, he did not deserve to be abandoned without any financial security.

Despite the difficulties he faced after the breakup, Hunter remains determined to rebuild his life. He has acknowledged the importance of taking responsibility for his actions and learning from his mistakes. Although he has faced public scrutiny and criticism, he expresses his desire to move forward and make amends.

In conclusion, Kevin Hunter opens up about the financial hardships he faced after his relationship with Sharina Hudson ended. He acknowledges his mistakes and hopes to rebuild his life despite the challenges he has encountered.