10 Famous Figures who Attempted to Alert the Public about the Dangers of Tom Cruise


There have been numerous celebrities throughout the years who have tried to warn the public about Tom Cruise, as indicated by the title of this article. These individuals have chosen to speak out about their concerns regarding the popular Hollywood actor.

One of these celebrities is Leah Remini, a former Scientologist like Cruise. She has criticized him for his involvement in the Church of Scientology and for his alleged abusive behavior towards women. Remini claims that Cruise is held to a different standard within the church, enabling him to get away with actions that would not be tolerated by others.


Another star who has attempted to warn the public about Tom Cruise is Brooke Shields. She has spoken out about his controversial remarks regarding the use of psychiatric medication for treating postpartum depression. Shields publicly disagreed with his opinions and expressed concern over the potential impact it may have on women suffering from this condition.

Mimi Rogers, Cruise's first wife, has also tried to shed light on his beliefs and involvement with Scientology. She claims that their marriage ended over her disagreement with the religion. Rogers believes that Cruise's dedication to Scientology may have influenced his relationships with other women and prevented him from having long-lasting partnerships.

These are just a few examples of the celebrities who have voiced their concerns about Tom Cruise. Despite his immense popularity and success in the entertainment industry, there are those who believe he should be held accountable for his actions and beliefs.