Outlander: 10 Redditor Theories About How The Series Will End


The TV series Outlander is now into season 6, and audiences have watched their favorite characters go through a wild ride since Claire first traveled through the stones to 18th-century Scotland. The characters have faced terrible enemies and have barely escaped death on multiple occasions. As these difficult series of events continue to repeat themselves, with a few happy occasions mixed in, audiences are beginning to wonder how the story will ultimately wrap up.

While happiness never seems to stick around for long for the Fraser family, many fans are still hopeful that a happy ending might be possible for Claire, Jamie, and their descendants, but they are not altogether clear about what that will look like.


Redditors took up the conversation and came to their conclusions about which endings, happy or sad, would best fit the show and its characters.

Jamie Will Die First

Many viewers will remember that, in season 1, Jamie's ghost is spotted by Frank, staring up at Claire's window. While a lot has happened since then, some Redditors still had questions about this moment in Outlander, and could not help but feel that this is a hint to how Claire and Jamie will finish their lives.

Redditor TalesToAstonish theorizes that Jamie will die first and that Claire will return to her own time, which is why Jamie is waiting for her in the afterlife.


Once Claire passes away in her own time, TalesToAStonish hopes that "their ghosts are reunited in a lush green vale in Scotland forever."

Brianna And Roger Will Return To Their Time

Bree and Roger eventually decide to return to their own time in the books, but the show could very well take its own way. However, Redditor Alarming-Solid912 believes that the show will end with Roger and Brianna returning to their own era, stating that "there are a lot of reasons to think they eventually will," especially since Roger, who is an Outlander supporting character with main character energy, has always been eager to do so.


If Brianna and Roger are satisfied that they have saved Claire and Jamie from their fiery fate, they will likely decide that they are ready to go home. When they do, they could potentially uncover evidence that Claire and Jamie continued to live happy lives, allowing the show to end on a positive note.

Claire Will Die In The Past

As with any story that revolves around time travel, the timeline in Outlander can get a little confusing. There are still a lot of unanswered questions about how time works in this universe, such as why these two points in time seem to run parallel to each other, but some Redditors believe that Claire has created a loop that should be continued.


Redditor Eppicness posits the Outlander fan theory that Claire will die in the past. Whether this is of old age, or due to some other issue, is not important. However, they believe that it must happen in the past so that "[Claire] can be born again in the future," and therefore repeat all of the events, creating a love loop. While if she goes back to her time and dies there, time will continue from that point and their history will never be repeated.

Everyone Will Have A Happily Ever After

Outlander is very good at putting its characters through the wringer, and Claire and Jamie have already been through more misfortune than anyone ever should.


Therefore, some Redditors simply hope that all the main characters will receive a happy ending.

Redditor LachlanHorrorVHS hopes that the show will end with a "happily ever after," which would just imply that the characters continue living for many years in peace and comfort. "I would love to see the end depicting Claire staying with Jamie in the past and never going back," they said, hoping that the show would never even allude to their deaths and just allow them all to get everything they dreamed of.

Jaime And Claire Will Die Together

Since Jamie and Claire are living out their lives in the past, their deaths are a big question for audiences.


In the future, there has been evidence of their lives, as well as evidence that they would die in a house fire, but more details are not given.

Many Redditors don't expect the house fire to kill the Frasers. Instead, users like Silver_tack believe that they will live long and happy lives, but will eventually die in each other's arms. It is hard to imagine either Jamie or Claire living without the other, so it would be fitting for the two to get a Notebook moment.

Someone Will Plant The Forget-Me-Nots

Back in season 1, Claire was originally drawn to the stones of Craigh na Dun because of some forget-me-not flowers that she saw growing there.


She was surprised to see this specific flower and hoped to collect some to study, but this was when she was suddenly transported through the stones to start her adventure.

The audience has been theorizing about these flowers for the entire duration of the show, and Redditors like Miriko_Otsu believe that viewers will see a main character return to the stones at some point in time to plant the flowers. They suggested that "perhaps Bree" will be the one to plant them, ensuring that her mother would find her way to her father.

Jamie Will Travel Through Time

In the show, only certain people can travel through time using the stones.


A person that can travel will hear a buzzing sound when standing near the stones, and it was made clear very early in the show that Jamie is not one of those people.

However, some Redditors still think that Jamie will get his moment. Redditor Vonski43 believes that Jamie will discover that he can travel, and Claire and Jamie will "go back" in time again and relive their lives, but this time, in peace. A chance to go back and use their improved knowledge of time travel to live a better quality of life would be well-deserved for the characters.