Confirmed Reports: Tom Cruise Officially Cuts Ties with Daughter Suri


In shocking news, it has been confirmed that Tom Cruise has disowned his daughter Suri. Various reports have emerged revealing the heartbreaking truth about Cruise's relationship with his youngest child.

Despite the fact that Cruise was once known to be a loving and doting father, it seems that he has completely cut ties with Suri. The reports suggest that Cruise's commitment to the Church of Scientology is to blame for the estrangement.

Cruise's devotion to the controversial religion has been well-documented, and it appears that he has chosen his faith over his own daughter. This decision has left many people feeling not only disappointed but also saddened by the actor's actions.


It is unclear exactly when the estrangement occurred, but it is believed to have happened several years ago. Since then, Cruise has been absent from Suri's life, and the young girl has been primarily raised by her mother, Katie Holmes.

This news adds another layer to the intricacies of Cruise's personal life. As a Hollywood superstar, he has always had a certain level of secrecy surrounding his private affairs. However, his decision to disown his own flesh and blood has left many questioning his moral character.

Although Cruise's reasons for disowning his daughter are unclear, it is evident that their once close bond has been shattered. The reports have created a wave of disappointment among fans, who had always seen the actor as a family man.