Bridgerton: What Miss Thompson Drinks (Is It Poison?)


In the seventh episode of Bridgerton's first season, titled "Oceans Apart," the character Marina Thompson, played by Ruby Barker, brews a dangerous tea in an attempt to end her pregnancy. Marina, a distant relative of Lord Featherington, arrives in London and becomes the center of attention with her charm. However, she soon fears that her secret will be exposed – she is pregnant and unmarried.

Lady Featherington discovers Marina's pregnancy and tries to help her conceal it. Initially, Marina believes that the father of her child, George Crane, will come for her. But Lady Featherington forges a letter that breaks Marina's heart, making her lose hope.


Marina decides to pursue marriage, even if it means seducing a man, but her attempts with Colin Bridgerton fail. Lady Whistledown eventually discovers Marina's secret and publishes the news, leading to Colin breaking up with her.

Feeling hopeless and desperate, Marina attempts to end her pregnancy. She collects juniper berries, dandelion, and other unknown herbs, boiling them to make a tea. While there is some historical precedent for women attempting to end unwanted pregnancies using herbs, these methods can be lethal for both the fetus and the pregnant woman in real life.


Marina takes the risk and consumes the tea.

Unfortunately, Marina's attempt fails, and she remains pregnant. Furthermore, she learns that George has died, leaving her with limited options. George's brother, Phillip, offers to marry Marina instead. Initially rejecting the proposal, Marina eventually accepts when she discovers she is still pregnant and her lover is no longer alive.

The future of Marina's character in Bridgerton remains uncertain at the end of season 1. The show has deviated from the original book storyline, leaving room for potential developments in future seasons. While Marina's story is tragic, there is hope for a happier future for her character.

In conclusion, the article highlights the events of Bridgerton season 1, episode 7, where Marina attempts to end her pregnancy using a dangerous herbal tea. It discusses the historical context of such practices and the risks involved. The article also mentions Marina's subsequent engagement to George's brother and the open-ended nature of her future in the show.