'Bridgerton' Season 3 Will Kick Off With Penelope Furious at Colin

Dearest gentle readers, it's advised that you hold on to your hearts with necessary caution because rumors of a long-awaited romance are sweeping the ton between one Miss Penelope Featherington and Mr. Colin Bridgerton. Season 3 of Netflix's hugely popular regency drama is shaping up to spotlight the pair's stunning romance after a breathtaking second installment that left audiences with a bane-of-my-existence-size hole. When audiences last saw them Penelope ( Nicola Coughlan) was left devastated by her best friend and secret love-of-her-life Colin ( Luke Newton) after overhearing him tell a group of gentlemen how he would dream of courting her – a blow to both their friendship and her heart. With the new season now very much the topic of conversation, following the streamer's epic TUDUM event, star Coughlan has teased where the third installment picks up and it's deliciously chaotic.

Speaking to at the event, Coughlan revealed that the season kicks off with Colin freshly returning to the ton after spending time away traveling, with a new look and attitude to show for it and Pen still very much fuming over the comments she heard last. She teased: "He looks so good, he comes back from traveling, he has this whole new swagger but I think Penelope is so mad at him at the beginning of the season that she, I mean she's still obviously deeply in love, but she's like, 'no I'm not, whatever.' So that was quite fun to play that too."

Meanwhile, Pen has embarked on a journey or too of her own with both a mental and physical glow-up forging a new path for her. "It's a major thing [her glow-up]," the actress explained. "I think she starts the physical glow-up first and then realizes she doesn't have the confidence. She's ready to find a husband this season. She heads out into society and she's like, 'I'm done with my family, I don't have Colin, I don't have Eloise, I just have myself. So, I'm gonna get married, get out of this house and keep writing.' But then Colin feels bad. He's like, 'I'm gonna help you find a husband' and it turns out she's really rubbish at speaking to men and flirting with men and anything to do with men so she has a couple of hiccups along the way." has become somewhat famed for its glow-ups, which audiences will recall, are an integral part of spotlighting each new couple as they step out from the shadows. In season two, emerged fresh faced and a departure from his heavily side-burned season one counterpart as he embarked on his own romantic awakening and it looks like Pen and Colin will be no exception.

These precious pearls of information come hot off the heels of that were shared yesterday. The images capture the pair's stunning transformations beautifully. Pen is seen looking radiant in a shimmering silver gown with her vibrant red hair perfectly styled in loose waves. This is a far (and welcomed) cry away from the yellow gowns and tightly pulled-back hair we've been accustomed to seeing Pen brandish previously - marking a new era for her character. Meanwhile, Colin's hair has been given whipped into an exquisite quiff showing off a more polished side to his character.

Clearly, there is lots to look forward to in season three but the question remains as to how Colin comes back from comments, especially if Pen is in her do-it-alone era. season three does not yet have a release date but you can stream the previous seasons on Netflix now.