'Stranger Things,' 'Bridgerton,' and More Netflix Shows Get Elaborate Coloring Books

has had a rocky relationship with its subscribers lately. While hit shows like and have kept viewers somewhat entertained, the streamer started cracking down on earlier this year and, along with other studios under the AMPTP, almost all projects are now on hold for the streamer as the WGA and for fair wages and better working conditions. However, if stuff like strikes and password sharing have you stressed out, Netflix is releasing coloring books of some of their most popular shows to allow us the chance to let our frustrations out in a very healthy manner.

The four new coloring books that are releasing for the line include Season 4, , , and . The books for , , and will have 75 illustrations while Squid Game will contain 70. Each of them is priced at $18.99.

Netflix’s Rich Library of Content

Netflix has spent over a decade making some of the best original shows around. However, no series has had quite the cultural impact like or . The latter was one of the hit shows that while ’ was the biggest television event of last year. The world of the Upside Down expanded in some pretty crazy ways and the scope of the season turned the franchise into a bona fide horror epic. There were so many memorable moments and great new characters introduced which is most likely why the coloring book is focusing solely on the latest season. The cover of the coloring book features the now iconic and fan-favorite character for instance.

Then there’s that, in its first two seasons, has been one of the most romantically rich shows around. More than a clichéd period piece love story that we’ve seen countless times before, this show based on Julian Quinn’s popular book series is filled with so much meaningful nuance, gleeful fun, and a high amount of sexual intrigue. The show became so popular that a spin-off series premiered earlier this year to a ton of critical acclaim. However, for video game fans has been providing the blood-soaked goods on the streamer. The anime series ran for and, while it strayed away from the source material, it was praised for its strikingly fluid animation style and stellar voice work.

All four of these shows are returning in some form in the near future. is returning for its , for its , for its , and is returning in a new series titled . There are no concrete release dates for any of these series yet, but we are sure to learn more after the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes conclude. Shows like had their production halted due to the ongoing strike.

When Are Netflix’s Coloring Books Releasing?

Most of the Netflix coloring books have different release dates. and are releasing on October 17, is releasing on September 5, and Season 4 is releasing on August 29. They can all be pre-order now on Amazon. Hopefully, this is just the start of Netflix’s venture into coloring because they have so many great shows that are perfect for the medium — and are just a few that come to mind.