Dazzling Golden Buzzer Performances That Stunned the Judges on Italy's Got Talent!


Italy's Got Talent has always been known for its incredible auditions and hidden gems. The show has showcased some truly extraordinary talent over the years, leaving the judges and audience in awe. One of the most coveted awards on the show is the Golden Buzzer, which sends contestants straight to the live shows. Here is a summary of all the Golden Buzzer auditions from Italy's Got Talent.

1. Simone Barone:

Simone Barone, a young dancer, took the stage with his unique style and left the judges and audience speechless. His incredible moves and ability to captivate the audience earned him the coveted Golden Buzzer from one of the judges, sending him directly to the live shows.


2. Circo Zero:

Circo Zero, a group of skillful acrobats, amazed everyone with their high-flying stunts and jaw-dropping routines. Their precision and coordination left the judges stunned, and they were rewarded with the Golden Buzzer, securing their place in the live shows.

3. Liliana Segre:

Liliana Segre, a talented singer, brought her powerful voice and emotional performance to the stage. Her soulful rendition of a popular Italian song moved the judges to tears, and one of them couldn't resist hitting the Golden Buzzer, ensuring that Liliana progresses to the next round.

4. Enrico:

Enrico, a young magician, wowed the judges with his mind-bending tricks and illusions.


His ability to leave everyone questioning reality earned him the Golden Buzzer and a guaranteed spot in the live shows.

5. French Twins:

The French Twins, a duo of charismatic dancers, dazzled the judges with their energetic and synchronized routine. Their chemistry and talent were undeniable, leading one of the judges to press the Golden Buzzer and catapult them straight to the live shows.

6. Karim:

Karim, a street performer, brought his unique dance style and infectious energy to the stage. His incredible moves and stage presence convinced one of the judges to hit the Golden Buzzer, ensuring that Karim continues his journey on the show.


7. Riccardo:

Riccardo, a singer-songwriter, impressed everyone with his heartfelt performance and beautiful voice. His original song touched the judges' hearts, and one of them honored him with the Golden Buzzer, granting him a place in the live shows.

These are just a few of the unforgettable Golden Buzzer auditions from Italy's Got Talent. Each act brought something unique and exceptional to the stage, proving that Italy is bursting with talent. As the competition progresses, it will be exciting to see what these gifted individuals have in store for the live shows.