Gal Gadot Has Endearing Response To Female 007 Fan Casting: “There’s More Space For Female-Led Movies In The Genre”..


Gal Gadot, star and producer of Netflix's Heart of Stone, recently addressed fan casting suggesting she should be the first female James Bond. While grateful for the consideration, Gadot expressed her desire to create original female-led stories.

Inspired by spy movies like Bond, she wanted to play a spy growing up. After the success of Wonder Woman, Gadot realized the audience for female-led action films, which motivated her to develop Heart of Stone.

The idea of a female-led Bond film gained traction after No Time to Die, but some prefer focusing on powerful women characters within existing Bond films.


Gadot's strong partnership with Netflix through Red Notice allows her the opportunity to launch her own spy franchise and she plans to return for two sequels.

While Heart of Stone has received mixed reviews, the positive audience response and Gadot's passion for the genre may drive her to create more female-led action movies, establishing herself in the spy genre.

With her success and partnership with Netflix, Gadot can provide audiences with diverse and compelling female-led action films.