Tyler Perry's Machiavellian Maneuvers: Monique Alleges Sabotage and Yearns for an Identity Transformation


Monique recently made headlines by alleging that filmmaker Tyler Perry orchestrated her downfall in the entertainment industry. In a video posted online, the actress claimed that Perry encouraged other directors and producers to boycott her after she requested fair pay for her work. Monique further accused Perry of being envious of her talent and success.

During an interview with another online platform, Monique expressed her desire to be a black woman. She stated that she felt the need to adopt the experiences, struggles, and cultural aspects of being a black woman in America. Monique also explained that she believes identifying as a black woman will bring her closer to her roots and enhance her understanding of her heritage.


The actress also discussed her thoughts on the concept of intersectionality and the importance of acknowledging the unique challenges faced by black women. Monique expressed a desire to use her platform to shed light on the experiences of black women and bring awareness to their stories.

In her video addressing Tyler Perry, Monique urged him to take responsibility for his alleged actions and treat her with the respect she deserves. She highlighted the power dynamics within the entertainment industry and called for unity and support amongst black artists.

Overall, Monique's statements have sparked discussions about fairness, equality, and representation within the entertainment industry, as well as the importance of acknowledging and honoring diverse experiences.