Unveiling JOHN WICK's Hidden Secrets: An In-depth Exploration of CONTINENTAL Episode 1


The article titled "The CONTINENTAL Episode 1 BREAKDOWN - Every JOHN WICK Easter Egg You Missed!" discusses the first episode of the television series "The Continental" and highlights all the hidden references and nods to the "John Wick" film franchise. The author goes into detail about various scenes and characters, unraveling Easter eggs that fans might have missed.

The first episode of "The Continental" is a prequel to the "John Wick" movies and follows the story of Winston, the owner of the Continental Hotel. The author begins by mentioning that the show opens with a glimpse of the New York skyline, showcasing iconic locations from the movies, such as the High Line and Times Square.


This sets the tone and establishes the connection between the series and the films.

The article then dives into specific Easter eggs scattered throughout the episode. One such Easter egg is the introduction of a new character, Charon, who is depicted as the concierge of the Continental Hotel. This character is a reference to the mythological figure of the ferryman, who carries souls across the River Styx to the afterlife. This allusion parallels Charon's role in the series, as he assists assassins in their journey through the world of crime.

Another Easter egg is the appearance of the gold coins, a currency used in the "John Wick" movies.


These coins play a significant role in the criminal underworld, enabling assassins to purchase services and favors. The article explains that they are used as a form of exchange in the show too, highlighting the continuity between the series and the films.

The author also mentions some subtle nods to established characters in the "John Wick" films, such as the inclusion of the character Viggo Tarasov, who serves as a major antagonist in the original movie. Seeing Viggo in the show indicates a connection with the events of the films, adding depth to the story.

Furthermore, the article highlights the appearance of unidentified characters throughout the episode, speculating that they may be undercover assassins or old associates of Winston.


These mysterious figures create intrigue and foreshadow potential plot developments in future episodes.

Overall, the article emphasizes the meticulous attention to detail in "The Continental" and how it pays homage to the "John Wick" film franchise. By dissecting the various Easter eggs within the first episode, the author brings to light the hidden connections and rich universe that fans of the action-packed series may have missed.