The Most Egotistical Moments of Tom Cruise Captured on Film


In a recent article titled "Top 10 Tom Cruise ARROGANT Moments Caught On Camera," the focus is on Hollywood actor Tom Cruise and his various instances of displaying arrogance. The article highlights some of the most publicly known incidents where Cruise has exhibited such behavior, with video proof.

The top moment on the list is Cruise's appearance on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" where he incessantly mocked Matt Lauer during a discussion about psychiatry while promoting his film "War of the Worlds." This incident sparked controversy and led to criticism of Cruise's behavior.

Another incident mentioned is Cruise's infamous interview with Oprah Winfrey, where he couldn't contain his excitement about his relationship with Katie Holmes and jumped on the couch, showing a grand display of arrogance and over-the-top behavior.


The article also brings up Cruise's confrontational behavior towards a journalist who questioned him about Scientology during a press conference for his movie "Valkyrie." Cruise responded defensively and belittled the journalist, showcasing his arrogance once again.

Other instances mentioned include Cruise snapping at paparazzi for invading his personal space, cutting off interviewers when they ask him uncomfortable questions, and displaying a condescending attitude towards fans.

Overall, the article highlights the moments when Tom Cruise's arrogance comes to the surface, showcasing a side of the Hollywood superstar that is not always flattering or endearing.