The Disapproval of Priscilla Presley: David Miscavige and Tom Cruise Not in Her Favor


Priscilla Presley, former wife of the late music icon Elvis Presley, has revealed her dislike for Church of Scientology leader David Miscavige and Hollywood actor Tom Cruise. In a recent interview, Presley made it clear that she does not have a favorable opinion of either individual.

Presley's criticism of Miscavige stems from her own experience with the Church of Scientology. She was involved with the organization for several years, but eventually distanced herself from it. According to Presley, Miscavige's leadership style and alleged mistreatment of members were among the factors that led to her decision to leave.


As for Tom Cruise, Presley cited his close association with Miscavige as a reason for her dislike. Cruise is widely known for his devotion to Scientology and his longstanding friendship with Miscavige. Presley, however, does not share the same fondness for either of them.

While Presley did not delve into specifics regarding her opinion of Cruise, her disapproval is apparent. It is worth mentioning that Cruise's involvement with Scientology has been a subject of controversy in the past, with the organization often accused of practicing abusive and controlling behavior.

Despite her dislike for Miscavige and Cruise, Presley did not comment on whether her views extended to all members of the Church of Scientology. It is evident, however, that she holds a strong opinion about these two prominent figures within the organization.