Brad Pitt opens up about his longstanding feud with Tom Cruise and the untold story.

In a recent revelation, Brad Pitt has finally opened up about his strong dislike for Tom Cruise and shed light on what led to their apparent feud. The Hollywood heartthrob's surprising confession comes after years of speculation surrounding their strained relationship.

Pitt, known for his captivating performances on screen, has always remained tight-lipped about his feelings towards Cruise. However, in a recent interview, he decided to break his silence and share the truth. Pitt's revelation has sent shockwaves through the entertainment industry, leaving fans and critics eager to know more.

According to Pitt, his animosity towards Cruise stems from an incident that occurred during the filming of their 1994 movie, "Interview with the Vampire." Pitt claims that Cruise's diva-like behavior and overpowering presence on set caused tension and affected the overall production experience.

The iconic film, based on Anne Rice's novel, was touted for its stellar cast, including Pitt and Cruise, who played the lead roles. However, behind the scenes, tensions apparently ran high, with Cruise's dominating personality clashing with Pitt's desire for a more collaborative and equal working environment.

Pitt reveals that Cruise would often overshadow him during scenes, attempting to outshine him in every way possible. The competition between the two actors grew intense, leading to a strained working relationship. Pitt adds that Cruise's need to control the narrative and be in the spotlight created a toxic atmosphere on set.

After the filming of "Interview with the Vampire" concluded, Pitt claims that their relationship deteriorated further. He describes Cruise as being "obsessed" with his own image and publicity and reveals that Cruise would often manipulate conversations and events to portray himself in a positive light, regardless of the impact it had on others.

The intensifying rift between Pitt and Cruise eventually led to a complete breakdown in communication. The two actors distanced themselves from each other, and any hopes of a reconciliation seemed dim.

While Pitt's revelations have left fans shocked, it is important to note that this information has only come to light now, more than two decades after the incident. Both actors have had successful careers since then, and it remains unclear whether they have managed to bury the hatchet and move on from the past.

It seems that Brad Pitt's candidness has finally given fans an insight into the circumstances that led to his strong disdain for Tom Cruise. Their feud serves as a reminder that even within the glamorous world of Hollywood, relationships can sour, and egos can clash, often resulting in irreparable damage.