When celebrity faces transform: Tom Cruise, Madonna, Megan Fox and more


Ever since Tom Cruise stepped out at a baseball game last weekend, whether the round-faced, chubby-cheeked look he revealed was the result of aging or a recent assignation with a syringe.

They if the 59-year-old “Mission Impossible” star had been raiding the refrigerator — or opted for the to plump up his features.

Cruise’s apparently changed mug contrasts sharply with the preppy image he usually presents, complete with sculpted cheekbones and dazzling white teeth.

“What’s up with the bloated chipmunk cheeks?” one Twitter critic  “What he do to his face, same doctor as Wayne Newton?” another .

In a similar vein, just a couple of days earlier, Madonna surprised her followers by


she curates on Instagram. Instead, the diva looked slightly of 63. Her Madgesty happily posed for candid snaps without filters or other photo trickery.

“Real life vs instagram 😳,” along side-by-side photos of the singer, while “Madonna, Reality Vs the pic she posts of herself on Insta.”

Heck, at certain angles, you could almost see the makings of a double chin.

It all goes to show that, whether purposefully or not, many Hollywood stars have over the years. Here, The Post puts eight other celebrities — whose chameleon looks have long been subject to debate — under the microscope.



With her mop of blond hair, trademark big eyes and beaming smile, the Californian was the epitome of the all-American girl when she shot to fame in the ’90s teen drama “Beverly Hills, 90210,” helmed by her dad, megaproducer Aaron Spelling. She has since spoken about getting a nose job and breast augmentation while vehemently denying any more recent work. This year, sporting impossibly long hair extensions during a glamorous photo shoot that , the 48-year-old looked sleek-cheeked and markedly younger.

“Wow Tori doesn’t look like her any more,” one fan lamented on Spelling’s of MTV’s “Messyness” reality series with Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi. “Kardashians surgeon? 🤷‍♀️” another person piped up.


“It’s all , crediting her “amazing” makeup artist.


The “Transformers” actress looked like the girl next door when she made her Hollywood debut around 2007 with her rounded cheeks and natural smile. Fast-forward to 2021 and the 35-year-old resembles a whole new person with a wrinkle-free forehead, plumped-up lips, sculpted cheekbones and seemingly narrower eyes. Nevertheless, the mother of three has her sexy, sophisticated appearance is anything other than natural. She insists she’s never had Botox, cheek augmentations or any other kind of surgical enhancements to her face.


Fox also made it clear this week that she suffers from “deep insecurities” — and fan speculation can hurt. “Yeah, I have body dysmorphia. I have a lot of deep insecurities,” Fox said in a new joint interview with boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly. “We may look at somebody and think, ‘That person’s so beautiful. Their life must be so easy.’ They most likely don’t feel that way about themselves.”


Back in the ’90s, when Lil’ Kim first appeared on the rap scene, she looked untouched and real. But the now-47-year-old couldn’t resist changing things up, sometimes by necessity. Following a violent altercation with an ex-boyfriend during which she suffered a broken nose, she had rhinoplasty in 2003. She has since admitted to getting other treatments on her nose. However, from 2016 onwards, she has showcased other dramatic changes such as paler skin, a tighter jawline and plumper cheeks which could be the result of fillers. As a result, some plastic surgery experts have become concerned about the star’s


to cosmetic procedures.

“Personally, I think she should seek professional help,” said celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Breslow, CEO of , told Page Six. “Based on these pictures alone, she’s going to end up destroying her face if she continues.”


The stylish wife of soccer ace David Beckham looked 100% natural when she was nicknamed “Posh Spice” during her stint with the ’90s pop group the Spice Girls. But it didn’t take long for the to shed the baby fat and reinvent herself as a supersvelte fashion icon. It’s hard to believe that the 47-year-old is the same wholesome singer who belted out hits like “Wannabe” alongside former bandmates Ginger, Baby, Sporty and Scary.


“Please no more lip fillers,” after her stiff-lipped appearance this week on “Good Morning America.”


It’s well known that the A-list movie starwhen she piled on 30 pounds for her role as neurotic London singleton Bridget Jones. But, in 2014, the once relatable, apple-cheeked blond almost broke the internet by revealing what appeared to be a completely re-jiggered face. She was nearly unrecognizable with narrowed eyes, taut skin and a more oval-shaped countenance. Appalled by the reaction to the change, “Judy” Oscar winner merely said she was “living a happy, more fulfilling life” and was delighted if it showed.


In a public essay, Zellweger told those who : “It seems the folks who come digging around for some nefarious truth that doesn’t exist won’t get off my porch until I answer the door.”


The “High School Musical” heartthrob has caused pulses to race ever since the franchise first launched 2006. Fans adored his “regular guy” appearance which reminded them of their eighth-grade crush. But, in 2021, the 33-year-old morphed into an immaculately groomed, somewhat . Experts couldn’t help wondering whether his jutting, square-shaped jawline and higher cheekbones meant he had gone under the knife.


But Efron’s friend, Kyle Sandilands, saying he would “know” if that were the case. He claimed the actor’s face was already close to perfect, adding: “It’s like getting a Picasso and having a kid finger paint all over it. Why bother?”


One thing you can say about the former star of the mid-2000s reality show “The Hills” is that she’s refreshingly honest. Unlike most celebrities, she has shared details of her history of plastic surgery. Once a fresh-faced girl straight out of a high school yearbook, the now 35-year-old has admitted to having a plethora of face and body-altering procedures including a brow lift, boob job, nose job, chin reduction and varying rounds of Botox. Much of the work was done at the height of her fame in 2009. Montag, who has since blamed


for her rush to surgery, regretted the changes almost immediately.

She told the “Today” show in 2010: “I wish I could go back to the original Heidi.”


Heather Locklear was a premier bombshell of the ’80s and ’90s, headlining prime-time soap operas such as “Dynasty” and “Melrose Place.” Posters of the stunning blond adorned the walls of many a boy’s bedroom — but her wild-child ways appear to have eventually caught up with her. She experienced much public scrutiny in 2018 after an  followed by and her of an emergency medical technician called to her home .

But now the 60-year-old is back — and .

However different , her life and career appear to be on the upswing: She is to longtime partner Chris Heisser and is starring in a new change-of-pace Lifetime movie, “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff: The Kristine Carlson Story.”