What Has Been the Best Prop on Bold and the Beautiful?

These B&B props are imaginative.

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Sure, is all about fashion but the show needs more than gowns and designs to tell its stories. Outside of Pam’s legendary lemon bars, quite a few inanimate objects and props have helped move the story along.

Bold and the Beautiful: A Daytime Staple

The B&B prop department really delivered when it dug up stapler. The thing looks like it’s been around since the early days of Forrester Creations. Soap Hub asked B&B fans to weigh in on what their favorite prop on the show has been. Find out the interesting results.

The Il Giordano Special

Li Finnegan (Naomi Matsuda) has every right to be mad at Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown). After all, Sheila slept with her husband Jack (Ted King) and tried to kill her with her car. Li barely survived. Fortunately, she did and while Sheila has managed to escape the law, she failed to avoid having her face smashed into a bowl of Il Giordano’s Bolognese. Rumor has it that Deacon (Sean Kanan) is reconsidering renaming this dish “Finnegan’s Revenge.” The pasta dish earned 12% of your vote.

The Hope Mannequin

The Hope Mannequin played a pivotal role in Thomas Forrester’s (Matthew Atkinson) mental health storyline. Unable to be with Hope, Thomas transferred his feelings to the life-sized mannequin that looked like the woman he loves.

hasn’t been seen lately, which is why she probably earned only 36% of your vote. There’s buzz that Hope Mannequin left Los Angeles and is working in the window at Fenmore’s department store in Genoa City. No, we’re kidding. The Hope Mannequin is standing around somewhere at Forrester Creations.

Eric Forrester: A Staple(r)

Eric may not have truly won the fashion showdown but his beloved stapler has won this poll. (No, Ridge did not mess with the results and we don’t believe he voted. He can’t. He’s a fictional character.) The stapler may have been a throwaway line or prop at one point but it clearly means a lot to Eric as his late wife Stephanie (Susan Flannery) had given it to him. Since B&B viewers care about Eric, they care about his stapler.

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