Pete Davidson and more cast members leaving 'SNL' after eight seasons: report


According to a report, several cast members, including Pete Davidson, are leaving "Saturday Night Live" (SNL) after eight seasons. Davidson, known for his comedic sketches and Weekend Update appearances, has become a fan favorite on the show. His departure, along with other cast members, marks a significant change for SNL.

In other news, actress Suzanne Somers revealed that the ThighMaster, a popular workout device from the 90s, saved her after being fired from a job. Somers credited the device for helping her bounce back and regain confidence in her career. The ThighMaster gained popularity as a fitness tool and is still remembered fondly by many.


Reality TV stars Julie and Todd Chrisley of "Chrisley Knows Best" are currently at the center of a federal trial. The couple is facing charges of tax evasion and conspiracy. Their legal battle has attracted significant media attention, as fans of the reality show are anxiously waiting to see how the trial unfolds.

Prince William and Kate Middleton were spotted attending the London premiere of "Top Gun: Maverick." The royal couple looked regal and glamorous as they walked the red carpet, creating excitement among fans and fans of the movie franchise.

In celebrity news, musician Travis Barker and reality TV star Kourtney Kardashian are rumored to be getting married in an Italian ceremony.


The couple's relationship has been the subject of much speculation and public interest, making their potential wedding a highly anticipated event.

Amber Heard, known for her ongoing legal battle with ex-husband Johnny Depp, was recently seen looking at the jury through testimony during the trial. Legal experts explained the significance of Heard's actions, suggesting that it could have a strategic purpose in the courtroom proceedings.

In another legal development, Dave Chappelle's alleged attacker has been charged with attempted murder in an unrelated case. Chappelle, a popular comedian, was involved in an incident where a man threw a banana peel at him during a comedy show.


Actor Dick Van Dyke, 96, was seen with his younger wife for the first time in close to a year. The sighting of the beloved actor sparked interest among fans, who were glad to see him enjoying time with his wife.

A Johnny Cash mural recently had a curious leak after a vandal shot a water tower. The incident resulted in water flowing down the mural, creating an unexpected and unique visual effect.

Ellen Barkin, an actress and ex-girlfriend of Johnny Depp, testified against him in court. Her testimony shed light on their past romance and provided insight into their relationship dynamics.

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