Tom Cruise and Simon Pegg's Playful Banter with Henry Cavill Unveiled on The Graham Norton Show


Tom Cruise and Simon Pegg recently appeared on The Graham Norton Show, where they revealed some hilarious behind-the-scenes moments from their time filming the latest Mission: Impossible movie alongside Henry Cavill.

The actors shared that they enjoyed teasing Cavill, who joined the franchise for the first time in Mission: Impossible - Fallout. Cruise and Pegg recounted a particular scene where they had to film a dialogue-heavy sequence in a helicopter. They mentioned that Cavill had to deliver his lines while the helicopter blades were spinning, which made it difficult for him to be heard.

Pegg joked, "Tom would say things like, 'I can't believe they're not laughing at your line, Henry,' just to make him feel bad.


It worked a treat!" Cruise chimed in, adding that they would frequently make fun of Cavill's British accent during filming.

The banter didn't stop there, as Cruise and Pegg also revealed a prank they played on Cavill involving a mustache. Cavill had grown a mustache for another film project and was contractually obligated to keep it during Mission: Impossible - Fallout reshoots. However, due to scheduling conflicts, he had to film scenes for another movie that required him to be clean-shaven. This resulted in a hilarious clash of mustache continuity.

Cruise and Pegg decided to have some fun with the situation and printed out pictures of Cavill's mustache.


They then proceeded to paste them all over the set of the reshoots, hoping to catch Cavill off guard. Pegg revealed that Cavill took it in good humor and even carried a sense of self-awareness throughout.

The trio also discussed their experiences filming intense action sequences, praising the commitment and dedication of their fellow actors. Cruise, well-known for performing his own stunts, emphasized the importance of safety and thorough preparation, while Cavill admitted to being in awe of Cruise's dedication to the craft.

Through their playful banter and shared experiences, it is evident that the cast of Mission: Impossible - Fallout had a great time working together.


The camaraderie between Cruise, Pegg, and Cavill is evident, and their teasing and pranks added an extra layer of fun to the filming process.

Overall, the article highlights the funny moments and camaraderie shared between Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg, and Henry Cavill during the filming of Mission: Impossible - Fallout. The actors' banter, teasing, and pranks brought an extra level of enjoyment to the set and showcased their strong bond.