The Singular Explanation for Tom Cruise's Absence from Bella's Wedding


Tom Cruise did not attend his daughter Bella's recent wedding, and there is one key reason behind his absence. Bella, who is Tom's adopted daughter with ex-wife Nicole Kidman, tied the knot in a private ceremony in London, and her father was noticeably absent from the festivities. The reason for his no-show is reportedly linked to the Church of Scientology, of which Cruise is a prominent member.

It is well-known that Cruise has been an active Scientologist for many years, and the controversial religious organization has strict rules when it comes to family events. According to sources close to the family, the Church of Scientology does not approve of ex-lovers of its members attending weddings.


As a result, Cruise decided not to attend Bella's wedding to respect the religious beliefs and guidelines of the church.

While it is unclear whether Bella herself shares her father's religious beliefs, it appears that the decision to exclude any non-Scientologist or former Scientologist from her wedding was made in accordance with the guidelines provided by the church. It is important to note that Cruise's absence does not necessarily indicate a strained relationship between him and Bella. Speaking about his children in the past, Cruise has expressed his love and support for them, regardless of their beliefs.

Overall, Tom Cruise's absence from his daughter Bella's wedding was due to the strict rules of the Church of Scientology regarding non-members attending family events. Despite this decision, Cruise's love for his children remains steadfast.