5 Bridgerton Characters Who Should Get More Spotlight In Season 3 (& 5 Who Can Do Without It)


The article briefly mentions suicide and contains spoilers for Julia Quinn's Bridgerton novels.

Netflix's season 3 is one of the most anticipated releases these days, but some characters' journeys are of more interest to viewers than others for a variety of reasons. While characters like Anthony Bridgerton or Daphne Basset (née Bridgerton) have already gotten their chance to shine in their respective seasons and beyond, many others, including members of the Bridgerton family, have remained in the shadows for the past two seasons. 's spinoff series, , has also shed light on the backstory of certain characters as well as hinted at what the future might hold for them.


, which is based on Julia Quinn's novel isbreaking tradition and book order, but there are ample opportunities for the show to stray even further away from the canon and develop its most intriguing ton members in the upcoming chapter. Shondaland and Netflix's eight-season plan for may already be in motion, but that shouldn't mean that some characters can't be explored in more detail much earlier than they are in the novels. Season 3, centering on Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington's love story, may provide the perfect opportunity to shift the spotlight from well-established stars of the series to its more mysterious figures.


10 More Spotlight: Benedict Bridgerton

Benedict's Artistic Journey In Bridgerton Season 3

Benedict had standalone storylines in seasons 1 and 2, but his encounters with Henry Granville and Genevieve Delacroix were but fleeting, and his studies at the Royal Academy of Art were brief and irrelevant to the main events. Season 3 needs to give Benedict a bigger subplot. Maybe his artistic journey would bring him closer to where Benedict needs to be to meet his future wife, Sophie Beckett. Considering that season 3 was originally expected to focus on Benedict and Sophie's tale, the show might at least give viewers a first look at Sophie, thus propelling Benedict's storyline forward.


9 Less Spotlight: Anthony Bridgerton

Anthony's Quiet Family Time In Bridgerton Season 3

Anthony is a well-developed character who has won over the viewers' hearts over the course of two seasons, and it is time he gets on the sidelines. In season 1, Anthony played a big role in Daphne and Simon's story via the duel subplot and had the heartbreaking on-and-off ; and in season 2, he was the star of the show, falling for Kate Sharma and making her his wife.


It would be great to see the happy couple, potentially with a future heir to the Viscount title, in season 3, but mere glimpses of their life would be more than enough.

8 More Spotlight: Francesca Bridgerton

Francesca's Social Debut In Bridgerton Season 3

Francesca is the most enigmatic Bridgerton, as she was barely there for the first two seasons of the show. Ruby Stokes' Francesca was a background character, only appearing when the rest of the family was featured, and she didn't have any standalone stories in seasons 1 or 2. Since for season 3, there is a fair chance that the character will have more screen time in the next chapter, and it is long overdue.


Francesca is only a year younger than Eloise — it would make sense if season 3 saw her debut to make her more of a confidant for Eloise going forward.

7 Less Spotlight: Eloise Bridgerton

Eloise's Self-Reflection In Bridgerton Season 3

It was virtually impossible not to fall in love with Eloise on the spot when she first showed her "radical" aspirations and fierce nature. In seasons 1 and 2, Eloise was rather busy: she conducted her investigations regarding the identity of Lady Whistledown, she joined a


, and she got her introduction into London's higher society. Eloise is likely to have a major role in season 3 since she is Colin's sister and Penelope's former best friend, but her standalone storylines shouldn't overpower the main plot. Maybe she could just spend some time reflecting on her relationship with Penelope this season.

6 More Spotlight: Violet Bridgerton

Violet's New Love Interest In Bridgerton Season 3

Violet Bridgerton, the family matriarch, had little impact on either Daphne or Anthony's love story, but she has been there for them when they needed her throughout


seasons 1 and 2. , the spinoff series of the main show, explored Violet's past when she was a young girl and her lonely present after Edmund's death. The show hinted that she might be thinking of remarrying, and season 3 seems like the perfect time to , whoever it might be with. Having lost her beloved husband so tragically and so early, Violet deserves a second shot at happiness.

5 Less Spotlight: Kate Bridgerton

Kate's Friendship With Eloise In Bridgerton Season 3


After eight episodes of will-they-won't-they, Kate landed herself a viscount in season 2, and their happily-ever-after began. Even though Kate Bridgerton (née Sharma) was only introduced last season, she already enjoyed plenty of screen time, both coupled up with Antony and together with her stepmother and sister. While Kate's standalone story might be finished, she could become , as there were hints at Kate and Eloise's future friendship in the previous chapter, and their chemistry was simply exquisite. A few scenes with Kate, Anthony, and their babies and a few more with Kate and Eloise's banter would be just right.


4 More Spotlight: Edwina Sharma

Edwina's Mr. Bagwell In Bridgerton Season 3

Edwina Sharma, Kate's younger sister and Anthony's ex-fiancée, made her brilliant debut in season 2 by serving as the third wheel in Anthony and Kate's romance. Edwina's future was left undecided, as she still wanted a love match for herself, and Queen Charlotte mentioned that her nephew, Prince Friedrich, was still a bachelor. It is unclear whether eventually, but season 3 simply needs to give Edwina her Mr. Bagwell, be it Prince Friedrich or an original character. Edwina's story is not finished yet, and it can do with a couple of twists and turns.


3 Less Spotlight: Agatha Danbury

Lady Danbury's Supporting Role In Bridgerton Season 3

Lady Danbury has become an unlikely star of ever since she uttered her first line in season 1. She was a force of common sense for many of the characters, particularly Simon, but since and isn't planning to come back any time soon, Lady Danbury's role doesn't need to expand. Agatha's devastating past and marriage to Lord Danbury was covered inand the flash-forward sequences allowed to see a budding friendship between Lady Danbury and Dowager Viscountess Bridgerton.


Nothing needs to change in season 3 for Lady Danbury.

2 More Spotlight: Marina Crane

Marina's Depression & Death In Bridgerton Season 3

Marina Crane (née Thompson) was a major character in season 1, and her early appearance, along with her expanded role, was a shocker. After a failed attempt to trap Colin Bridgerton in marriage while she was pregnant with another man's child, Marina was quickly married off to Sir Philip Crane, who just happens to be Eloise's future husband, according to the book canon. In season 2, Marina was visibly unhappy in her marriage, even though she claimed to be content, and season 3 might do her book fate justice if it spent more screen time on



1 Less Spotlight: Queen Charlotte

Queen Charlotte's Death In Bridgerton Season 3

If season 3 follows the book timeline, spanning a decade, and historical canon, it will be the monarch's swansong, as the real-life in 1818. The character enjoyed two seasons of screen time, playing around with the Bridgerton family's fates, and then an entire spinoff was dedicated to Queen Charlotte and King George's love story. Seeing Queen Charlotte pop up at balls in season 3 would be satisfying, but she probably doesn't need to be as involved in the main events as she was before. Saying goodbye to Queen Charlotte would be heartbreaking, though. Sorrows, sorrows, prayers, prayers.