Every Bridgerton Ranked By Likability

Netflix's is such a successful show simply because the Bridgertons are kindhearted people whose lives are compelling to watch. Based on Julia Quinn's book series of the same name, centers around the noble Bridgerton family and their journeys in Regency era's London high society. Edmund and Violet have eight children: Anthony, Benedict, Colin, Daphne, Eloise, Francesca, Gregory, and Hyacinth. Each name starts with a specific letter of the alphabet, signifying the order in which the children were born. While some of the Bridgerton siblings have already been given plenty of screen time, others have yet to take their place in the spotlight.

In season 1, the focus was on Daphne as she entered her first social season among London's ton and played a game of hearts with Simon Basset. Season 2 marked the beginning of Anthony’s search for his one true love, who turned out to be Kate Sharma, and season 3 will focus on Colin's tale and how it intertwines with Penelope Featherington's. Even though Daphne and Anthony have had a lot more screen time than the rest of the Bridgertons, that does not mean that they are the most likable Bridgerton family members.

10 Daphne Bridgerton (Phoebe Dynevor)

Eldest Bridgerton Daughter & Child #4

Even though Daphne is the Bridgerton the show focuses on first, she is the least likable member of the family. tries to portray Daphne as an innocent, lovable girl who just wants to find a husband and live her happily ever after. However, one scene ruins it all. Daphne is not perfect, she makes mistakes, and she can be a know-it-all. However, : Daphne sexually assaulting Simon. Despite Daphne's many good traits, the character is now close to irredeemable. Simon may have forgiven her, but viewers have not.

9 Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey)

Eldest Bridgerton Son & Child #1

Anthony is the head of the Bridgerton household, but that does not give him the right to be snobby all the time. He is all about taking responsibility — and he has a lot of it — but his never-ending self-sacrificial tendencies in season 2 grow tiresome rather quickly. Anthony is a product of his time, yet his holier-than-thou attitude and disregard for other people's opinions are still frustrating. Hopefully, Anthony will calm down now that he has Kate, a wife who loves and cherishes him. Perhaps viewers will even see a more carefree side of .

8 Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton)

Third Eldest Bridgerton Son & Child #3

Colin Bridgerton is a sweetheart, but he needs to be a little more assertive. In seasons 1 and 2, Colin cannot seem to figure out what to do with himself, throwing his energy into investments he has no clue about, trips to get away from peer pressure, and the women he falls head over heels for without getting to know them. Colin hasn't done anything wrong, but he is a dark horse. Plus, , his friend, behind her back, seemingly without any regrets. That doesn't win him any bonus points in terms of likability.

7 Francesca Bridgerton (Hannah Dodd/Ruby Stokes)

Third Eldest Bridgerton Daughter & Child #6

Francesca Bridgerton hasn’t done enough for viewers to love or hate her. She has essentially been a background character for two seasons of as she has no subplots of her own and hasn't been a key player in any other characters’ stories. Now that Ruby Stokes is out of the picture, with , the character may finally get standalone storylines. She is a complex, well-developed character in the books, and viewers have yet to see that in Netflix's series.

6 Violet Bridgerton (Ruth Gemmell)

Bridgerton Matriarch

Violet is an extremely fascinating character, and it is hard not to feel for her. Having lost her husband and brought up eight children, Violet has an inner strength that not many characters or people can claim. She is intelligent, kind, and fierce, which helps her a great deal in navigating high society. 's sequel show, , has also given viewers a glimpse of , who is just as delightful as her older iteration. The only downside she has is that she can be controlling toward her children at times, but she just wants what is best for them.

5 Gregory Bridgerton (Will Tilston)

Youngest Bridgerton Son & Child #7

Gregory has not gotten much time to shine in , but his mischievous and cheeky personality cements him as one of the best Bridgerton siblings. In season 1, Gregory is but a child who often misbehaves and acts out, especially when paired up with Hyacinth. However, this doesn't make him unlikable. In season 2, Gregory is becoming a sweet young man who is starting join in on the family's affairs. might give Gregory a bigger role. After all, Colin has to confide in someone, and Anthony is married off to Kate, while Benedict is busy with his art.

4 Hyacinth Bridgerton (Florence Hunt)

Youngest Bridgerton Daughter & Child #8

Hyacinth is the youngest daughter, and she is absolutely adorable. Her interactions with the family, especially Gregory, are sincere and wholesome. It's clear she is growing up to be a well-versed young lady. Hyacinth's book story is fantastic, and while her season is far in the future, she is already showing signs of that confident and stubborn woman readers have come to love. Hyacinth is the only child of the family who has never known her father, Edmund Bridgerton, but maybe that is the exact reason she is her own person with no one to impress or disappoint.

3 Benedict Bridgerton (Luke Thompson)

Second Eldest Bridgerton Son & Child #2

In stark contrast to overbearing Anthony and confused Colin, Benedict is a free spirit with the soul of an artist, and that makes him more appealing. He is one of the most understanding characters in , and can turn to when things get too complicated. Benedict is a good brother, a trustworthy friend, and an aspiring painter, which is enough to love him for. in favor of Colin's, but his subplot with the artsy crowd and Henry Granville teases a few unexpected twists.

2 Eloise Bridgerton (Claudia Jessie)

Second Eldest Bridgerton Daughter & Child #5

Eloise is easily one of the most beloved characters in all thanks to her revolutionary story arc. Eloise defies gender stereotypes. Even though she is a 19th-century girl, she doesn't seek to get married and have a family. Instead, she wants to achieve something more career-driven and become independent. Eloise has been a prominent character in both seasons, and she is a scene-stealer. Whether she's , investigating with Penelope, or just awkwardly hanging around the ballroom, Eloise is fun to observe. Her character development is obvious, and she has the sweetest relationship with her brother Benedict.

1 Edmund Bridgerton (Rupert Evans)

Bridgerton Patriarch

Not much is known about Edmund Bridgerton, since he dies long before season 1 premieres. However, he manages to capture audiences' hearts solely through 's flashback sequences. Edmund seems to be a man of great honor, respected by his peers, loved by his wife, and looked up to by his children. Edmund's sudden and untimely death hits the family hard, especially Anthony, who becomes the Viscount overnight. Edmund is an amazing husband and father, and it'd be nice to see more of him in the flashbacks in season 3.