Unraveling Mysteries with Graham Hancock: A Special Appearance on the UnchartedX Podcast!


In this article, it is reported that Graham Hancock, a renowned writer and researcher, recently appeared on the UnchartedX Podcast. The main focus of the interview was on his latest book, "America Before: The Key to Earth's Lost Civilization."

During the podcast, Hancock discussed his groundbreaking theories and research findings regarding ancient civilizations, particularly those in the Americas. He highlighted the evidence he has gathered to support his belief that there were advanced civilizations in North and South America long before the arrival of Christopher Columbus.

One of the key points mentioned by Hancock was the existence of ancient monuments and structures, such as the Mayan ruins and the mysteries surrounding them.


He believes that these ancient civilizations possessed knowledge and technologies that have been lost to us over time.

The interview also delved into Hancock's exploration of underwater sites, including the submerged city of Dwarka in the Gulf of Cambay, India. He shares his views on the possibility of ancient civilizations being wiped out by cataclysmic events, such as floods or earth-changing catastrophes.

Throughout the conversation, Hancock emphasized the importance of reexamining mainstream historical narratives and embracing alternative perspectives. He believes that a deeper understanding of ancient civilizations can provide us with valuable insights into our own human story and the potential for great achievements that have yet to be unlocked.

Overall, the article highlights Hancock's appearance on the UnchartedX Podcast, where he discusses his book and presents his theories on ancient civilizations, urging listeners to reconsider established historical paradigms.