Teenage Ashlee Simpson playfully teases her sister Jessica Simpson about motherhood dreams in retro clip!

In a heartwarming and nostalgic moment, an 18-year-old Ashlee Simpson playfully teases her older sister, Jessica Simpson, about the possibility of becoming a mother in the future. The sisters, who have both achieved success in the entertainment industry, share a close bond that shines through in this flashback video.

The video, which resurfaced recently, captures a young Ashlee Simpson teasing Jessica during an interview. With a mischievous smile, Ashlee turns to her sister and asks if she wants to have kids someday, to which Jessica replies, "Yes, lots of them!" Ashlee then proceeds to joke about her sister being a strict and overprotective mother, highlighting the close relationship they have always shared.

This heartwarming interaction showcases the playful and loving dynamic between the sisters, who have supported and cheered each other on throughout their careers. Ashlee's playful teasing is a testament to the close bond they share, even at a young age.

Now, years later, Jessica Simpson has indeed become a mother and is a proud parent to three children. She has embraced motherhood with open arms, sharing her experiences and important life lessons through her best-selling book, Open Book.

The sisters have both had successful careers in the entertainment industry. Jessica Simpson rose to fame as a pop star in the late 90s, with hits like "I Wanna Love You Forever" and "Irresistible." Ashlee Simpson followed in her sister's footsteps, releasing her own successful music, such as "Pieces of Me" and "La La."

Aside from their musical achievements, both sisters have also made their mark in the world of fashion and television. They have used their platforms to inspire others, promote body positivity, and empower women to embrace their true selves.

The resurfacing of this video serves as a reminder of the strong bond between the Simpson sisters and the support they have for each other. It also highlights the joy and excitement they both have experienced in becoming mothers.

As fans reminisce over this heartwarming flashback, it is evident that Ashlee's teasing was a playful prediction of the incredible journey Jessica Simpson would embark on as a loving and devoted mother. Through their sisterly love and support, the Simpson sisters continue to inspire and uplift one another, both personally and professionally.