Unveiling the Secrets: Egypt's Meidum Mastaba 17 and its Enigmatic Precise Granite Box


The article discusses the fascinating story of a mysterious ancient underground granite box, known as Mastaba 17, located in Meidum, Egypt. The box is believed to have been created during ancient times with incredible precision.

Mastaba 17 is a burial chamber that was discovered by archaeologists during excavations in Meidum. The chamber is made out of granite, a hard and durable material. What makes this box unique is its precise construction, with each side carefully measured and fitted together without any gaps. The accuracy of the box's construction has baffled experts, as it would have required advanced tools and techniques to achieve such precision.


The purpose of Mastaba 17 remains a mystery. While it is commonly believed to have been used as a burial chamber, due to its location in an ancient necropolis, some theories suggest that it was also used for religious or ceremonial purposes. The box's dimensions and design suggest that it may have held valuable treasures or items of significance.

Although there is no definitive answer to its purpose, the precision of Mastaba 17's construction hints at the advanced skills and knowledge possessed by ancient civilizations. It provides insight into the level of architectural and engineering expertise that existed during that time.

In conclusion, Mastaba 17 is an ancient underground granite box located in Meidum, Egypt. Its precise construction and purpose remain a mystery, but it offers a glimpse into the advanced skills and knowledge of ancient civilizations.