Katie Holmes Reacts to Matt Lauer's Inquiring About Infamous 2005 Tom Cruise Interview

In a recent interview with Matt Lauer, Katie Holmes was questioned about the infamous 2005 interview between Lauer and her ex-husband, Tom Cruise. The interview occurred during the promotion of their film, "War of the Worlds," and is remembered for Cruise's intense defense of Scientology and his criticism of psychiatry.

During the interview, Lauer challenged Cruise on his beliefs, asking about his criticism of Brooke Shields for using medication to treat her postpartum depression. Cruise passionately defended his position and expressed his disdain for psychiatry, leading to a heated exchange between the actor and the talk show host.

In Lauer's recent conversation with Holmes on "Today with Hoda & Jenna," the anchor brought up the 2005 interview, asking her how she felt at the time. Holmes appeared caught off guard, taking a moment to gather her thoughts before responding.

Holmes acknowledged that it was a "peculiar time" and admitted that she had not watched the interview but had heard about it. She explained that she was focused on her young daughter at the time and was simply trying to navigate her new role as a mother.

Lauer then asked Holmes if she felt it was important for her to defend her own beliefs during that time. Holmes said she didn't want to speak for anyone else but reiterated that she was primarily focused on being a mother and ensuring her daughter was doing well.

The interview between Holmes and Lauer then shifted to a discussion about her current projects and her return to TV with the new series "The Secret: Dare to Dream." Holmes shared her excitement about being part of the project and working with co-star Josh Lucas.

While the 2005 interview was a controversial moment in Cruise's career, it seems that Holmes has chosen to distance herself from the incident. She maintained a diplomatic stance throughout the conversation and chose not to engage in any further discussion on the matter.

The conversation between Holmes and Lauer serves as a reminder of a turbulent time in Cruise's life and career, as well as the impact it had on those around him. Holmes emerged from her marriage to Cruise with a desire to focus on her own aspirations and happiness, and she continues to do so with grace and poise.