Zendaya's Hilarious Response to Tom Holland's Fresh Golfing Snaps


Zendaya recently reacted to pictures of her Spider-Man co-star Tom Holland playing golf. The photos of Holland golfing were shared online, and Zendaya couldn't help but show her support.

The article begins by establishing the connection between Zendaya and Tom Holland as co-stars in the popular Spider-Man film franchise. It then mentions that new pictures of Holland playing golf have made their way onto the internet, catching the attention of fans and even his co-star Zendaya.

The author highlights Zendaya's reaction as a way of emphasizing the camaraderie and friendship between the two actors. The article suggests that Zendaya's support for Holland's golfing hobby is an indication of their close relationship.


The article goes on to briefly mention Holland's affinity for golf, noting that he has been seen playing the sport before. This detail adds context to the recent pictures, as it suggests that Holland's interest in golf is not new.

The author further suggests that Zendaya's positive response to Holland's golfing pictures is an example of their supportive dynamic and close bond. By mentioning Zendaya's reaction, the article portrays the actors as friends who genuinely cheer on each other's hobbies and accomplishments.

The article concludes by highlighting the fans' excitement over Zendaya's reaction.


It suggests that fans appreciate the friendship between Zendaya and Holland and enjoy seeing their support for each other, even outside the realm of their on-screen characters.

In summary, the article reports on Zendaya's reaction to Tom Holland's recent golfing pictures. It emphasizes their friendship and co-star dynamic, asserting that Zendaya's support for Holland's hobby is an illustration of their close bond. The article briefly mentions Holland's previous interest in golf and concludes by highlighting the fans' excitement over their supportive friendship.