Exclusive: Jessica Simpson's Kids Get Curious! The New Baby Sparks Their Wildest Questions

In an exclusive interview, Jessica Simpson, a famous American singer and actress, opened up about some of the craziest questions her children have been asking about the new baby. Simpson, who is expecting her third child, has been dealing with some amusing and, at times, perplexing inquiries from her older kids.

Simpson, who already has two children; daughter Maxwell, 6, and son Ace, 5, shed light on the curiosity her kids have been displaying. When questioned about the oddest questions her children have asked, Simpson admitted that they have been quite curious about how the baby will exit her belly. She described the questioning as "horrifying" at times.

The 38-year-old singer further mention that her daughter once asked why there wasn't an escape hatch in her belly for the baby to come out. Simpson was taken aback by this creative but misguided question. She laughed off the query but, as a mother, could not help but feel a bit uneasy.

Simpson also revealed a rather odd but hilarious question posed by her son. Ace asked her how the baby got in there in the first place. Simpson confessed that she struggled to come up with a suitable response to this question, as it was a delicate topic to discuss with a five-year-old. These questions have left Simpson amused, as she realizes that her children are trying to make sense of a subject they are not quite ready to fully grasp.

Despite the occasionally bizarre line of questioning, Simpson is embracing her children's curiosity and encourages an open dialogue about the baby. She understands that for her kids, this is a big change and they are just trying to understand the situation in their own unique way.

Simpson further shared that her kids have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of their new sibling and are extremely excited about becoming big brothers and sisters. She also expressed her joy at watching her children bond and love each other.

As Simpson prepares to welcome her third child, she is also making an effort to keep her older children involved in the process. From helping her decorate the nursery to picking out baby clothes, Simpson wants her kids to feel included and connected to the new addition to the family.

In conclusion, Jessica Simpson revealed that her children have asked some amusing and perplexing questions about the new baby. Although some of the queries have left her feeling a bit uneasy, she embraces their curiosity and encourages an open dialogue about the upcoming arrival. Simpson's children are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their new sibling and are enthusiastic about becoming big brothers and sisters.