🌈💖 SVU's Ryan Buggle shares Noah's coming out journey, dreams, and off-camera moments in a captivating read! Get ready to be moved and inspired! 📖 Don't miss this heartfelt story!

At the tender age of 13, Ryan Buggle has already dedicated a significant portion of his life to the set of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, portraying the character of Noah, the son of Captain Olivia Benson, portrayed by the talented Mariska Hargitay. Among Buggle's cherished memories, some of the fondest involve his interactions with Hargitay, such as the playful moment when she adorned his face with whipped cream during an early scene. Working alongside her has been a dream come true, and he considers his co-stars as his extended family. Despite his remarkable six-year tenure on the show, Buggle maintains a steadfast commitment to honing his acting skills. Hargitay has imparted valuable wisdom, teaching him to act from the heart and embrace authenticity in his craft. Buggle holds great admiration for her kindness and the vast talents she possesses as both an actor and director.

Their close bond is evident, occasionally leading to humorous slip-ups where Hargitay unintentionally addresses him by his real name during scenes. One of the most demanding scenes for Buggle involved Noah witnessing his mother being assaulted by gang members. It was simultaneously intense and enjoyable for him, as he had to witness Hargitay's character being attacked right before his eyes. To prepare for the emotional gravitas of the scene, he extensively discussed it with Hargitay and tapped into Noah's perspective to deliver a compelling performance. Along the way, Buggle discovered a newfound love for stunt work while filming the BX9 gang scene. Inspired by his skills as a gymnast and fueled by his passion for acting and dancing, he dedicated extra time to observe and absorb the execution of stunts on set.