The Bold and the Beautiful Ratings Are On The Decline For This Reason


The ratings for The Bold and the Beautiful are reportedly declining, and it seems that the current storyline surrounding Eric Forrester is to blame. Many viewers are growing tired of the ongoing plotline about Eric's illness and the uncertainty surrounding his fate. The constant crying and lack of information about his condition have frustrated fans, prompting some to tune out.

In a recent episode, one of the highlights for some viewers was seeing Hope Logan and Thomas Forrester put their hands in a jar full of candy. This lighthearted moment stood out amidst the gloomy storyline surrounding Eric's deteriorating health.


Fans and critics have taken to social media to voice their opinions on the matter, with some expressing their disappointment in the storyline and its negative impact on the show's ratings.

One viewer commented on social media: "Ratings declining because it’s the holidays and this Eric story is so damn depressing… This is light, fun, more of this." Another fan expressed gratitude for the presence of Hope and Thomas, stating, "Thope are carrying the show on their backs right now!! Without them, I fear what the ratings would be because this storyline is awful."

Several viewers have suggested that the Eric storyline has dragged on for too long and that it's time for the character to meet his demise.


They argue that this would be the last significant storyline for Eric Forrester, reducing his character to a background figure in future episodes.

Despite the criticism, the producers of The Bold and the Beautiful have not yet responded to the backlash. As the show continues, fans are left wondering what will happen next. The soap opera airs weekdays on the CBS network, and viewers will have to tune in to find out if any changes are made to address the declining ratings.

In conclusion, the declining ratings of The Bold and the Beautiful appear to stem from viewer dissatisfaction with the ongoing storyline surrounding Eric Forrester's illness. As fans voice their frustrations on social media, it remains to be seen how the show's producers will respond. Stay tuned for further developments and updates on the popular soap opera.