Game of Thrones: Jon Snow Spin-off Series Isn’t Anywhere Close to Being Greenlit


In June 2022, George R.R. Martin wrote on his blog that a spin-off show revolving around Kit Harington’s Jon Snow was in development at HBO. At the same time, Martin also said a number of other Game of Thrones spin-offs — Ten Thousand Ships, Sea Snake, and A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms: The Hedge Knight — were also being developed.

Speaking with TVLine, HBO CEO and chairman Casey Bloys said that, while ideas have been tossed around, House of the Dragon and A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms: The Hedge Knight are the only two Game of Thrones spin-offs that have a green light at this time.

“We always have Game of Thrones scripts in development,” he said.


“We greenlit Dunk and Egg in the spring … I wouldn’t say there is anything else in that world that is close to a green light or anything, but we are always working on different scripts and ideas.”

House of the Dragon Season 2 is coming soon

While fans may have to wait before any additional Game of Thrones spin-off series gets off the ground, House of the Dragon is returning for its second season in the near future. Earlier this month, Bloys confirmed House of the Dragon Season 2 will premiere in the summer of 2024.

A trailer for House of the Dragon’s second season was also shown to members of the press on November 2, 2023; however, the footage has not been posted online and no further details are currently available.


A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms: The Hedge Knight, meanwhile, was officially ordered by HBO in April 2023. Per , the logline for the show reads, “A century before the events of ‘Game of Thrones,’ two unlikely heroes wandered Westeros… a young, naïve but courageous knight, Ser Duncan the Tall, and his diminutive squire, Egg. Set in an age when the Targaryen line still holds the Iron Throne and the memory of the last dragon has not yet passed from living memory, great destinies, powerful foes, and dangerous exploits all await these improbable and incomparable friends.”