Game of Thrones fans hated the Waif so much the actress had to 'take a step back' from social media


Faye Marsay, the actress known for playing the Waif in Game of Thrones, has revealed that she faced intense backlash from fans due to her character's actions. 

The Waif was responsible for tormenting Arya Stark, played by Maisie Williams, during seasons 5 and 6 of the hit HBO show. Marsay admitted that social media became a brutal tool during that time, leading her to take a step back. She highlighted the negative impact of social media on young people's mental health and cited it as a reason for the ongoing crisis. However, not all actors on Game of Thrones faced such negative fan experiences. 

Jack Gleeson, who portrayed Joffrey Baratheon, said he never encountered any negative encounters with fans. He even joked that people were exceptionally nice to him because they believed he was being attacked. Marsay has since moved on to play Vel Sartha in the Star Wars series Andor on Disney+.