The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Thomas Has Caused Eric Forrester Lots Of Stress


The latest spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful suggest that Thomas Forrester is trying to convince everyone that he has changed for the better. However, there is still a lot of unresolved issues from his past that he needs to confront. Many viewers also believe that Thomas has been a major source of stress for his grandfather, Eric Forrester.

Fans have noticed that Thomas has been unusually quiet during Eric's declining health. This has raised suspicions among viewers, who believe that Thomas should be reflecting on his actions and the harm he has caused to Eric. In recent months, Thomas went as far as pretending to be Brooke Logan and calling Child Protective Services on himself.


Such actions undoubtedly caused a significant amount of stress for Eric, possibly contributing to his health troubles.

Although it would be unfair to solely blame Thomas for Eric's health issues, many fans think that he should spend time contemplating his relationship with his grandfather and the consequences of his actions. Thomas should strive to avoid repeating past mistakes. Considering his close bond with his father, it would be fitting for Thomas to have a scene where he apologizes for his past misdeeds. Only time will tell if such a moment occurs.

As for what lies ahead for Thomas, viewers will need to tune in to find out.


The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS, so be sure to check local listings for the schedule.

In conclusion, there is still much for Thomas Forrester to address in terms of his past actions. Viewers believe that he has caused a significant amount of stress for his grandfather, Eric Forrester. It remains to be seen how Thomas will handle these issues and whether he will take responsibility for his actions. Fans of the show will undoubtedly be eagerly awaiting the next developments, as there is bound to be more captivating drama in store.

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